DOL Working For You: Job Corps Grad Aids Oil Spill Cleanup Effort

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Photo of Guiseppe CageOnly a few weeks removed from his Edison, New Jersey, Job Corps graduation, Guiseppe Cage has been thrust into the front lines of the Gulf coast oil spill cleanup effort. Armed with certificates in nursing, emergency training and first responder skills, Cage, who is 23, was hired by American Medical Response, a large medical transportation provider. Cage is now stationed in Alabama as an EMT medical assistant. He provides help to cleanup workers who are battling toxic fumes and high heat. A self-described “patient advocate,” Cage hopes to go to nursing school and eventually become a cardiologist. He says Job Corps has given him “the resources to be successful and achieve my goals.”

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  1. This is getting pretty obvious – all these calamities the NWO are staging are nothing but a COVER for the impending economic collapse.

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