DOL Speaks Out on Child Labor

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Last night, DOL’s Carl Fillichio appeared on Dateline NBC as part of a feature story called America Now: Children of the Harvest. In the clip below, Fillichio discusses the complexities and loopholes of current child labor laws as they relate to agriculture, as well as DOL’s efforts to increase enforcement of child labor protections.

As part of this commitment, the Wage and Hour Division (WHD) has hired more than 100 additional investigators and announced new rules designed to protect working children from hazards in the workplace while also recognizing the value of safe work to children and their families.

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  1. xteach says:

    I think the department of labor is correct in protecting the health and safety of all workers. The Dateline story really shows how kids are learning responsibility and helping out their families. There are many comments on the Dateline page from former farm families that described how kids help their family farm and benefited in life from it. Please continue to allow these kids to work and save the migrant families from leaving these kids alone at home.

    Furthermore, I use to be a high school teacher in an urban area and constantly witnessed lazy students with no drive and no sense of responsibility. Taxpayer money is completely wasted on them. I firmly believe that students who can not succeed in school should be able to work full time at possibly 12 years of age. Citizens and government need to wake up to reality instead of sympathizing and entitling failing students.

  2. Esther Murray, RN, COHNs says:

    After reviewing the new child labor final rule, the restrictions on the use of powered hoists seems counterproductive. The nursing assistant who is under age 18 would be required to manually move patients who are, reasonably over 100 lb. Is that really for their protection? Prior to this ruling, the young nursing assistant could assist with a patient move using a lift, now they can’t even assist in moving a patient with a powered lift.

    Please review the OSHA Guidelines for Nursing Homes: Ergonomics for the Prevention of Musculoskeletal Disorders advocates for the use of mechanical lifting devises at:

    There are many young nursing assistants who are working in healthcare to help pay bills, and to see if they really want to be part of healthcare. Frankly, we need all the hands on deck when it comes to help in healthcare. BUT, we need them to be safe too. By utilizing the safe patient equipment that many healthcare organizations have put in place the healthcare workforce is inching towards a safer work environment.

    Please clarify,
    Esther Murray, RN, COHNs

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