A Mexico Diary – September 13, 2010

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As soon as our plane lands in Mexico City, I’m on my way to the U.S. embassy for a dinner meeting with the U.S. Ambassador to Mexico, Carlos Pascual.  Although he has only been in this post for just over a year, he has decades of experience in foreign diplomacy, including previously serving as our Ambassador to the Ukraine.  We’re joined by another member of our delegation, Julian Castro, the young rising star mayor of San Antonio, Texas.

We discuss what the Ambassador calls “the many Mexicos” — a place rich with natural resources and agricultural abundance, but also a staggering poverty rate.  The nation is becoming a true leader in high tech, yet lately it is known for its alarming high rate of crime.  I have lots of questions for the Ambassador and his staff about U.S./Mexico border issues, immigration, jobs, trade and the economy, education programs, and specifically, clashes between Mexican authorities and strikers at the Cananea copper mine.  I’ve been following that situation closely and am concerned about labor rights as the mine prepares to reopen, especially the right to freely form and join a union.

I also learn that at one time, Ambassador Pascual and I both shared the same zip code in the city of El Monte, and I’m struck by how small the world really is.  Nearly midnight, I head for my hotel.  I have a big day tomorrow.

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  1. Alina M. Lopez Marin says:

    This is very exciting and interesting news. I am pleased that the administration is minding our neighbors to the South and it is being done by someone who identifies and understands their needs.

  2. Grey Hayes says:

    When i finished reading the article i found out that it is not just a message to the people living in the places mentioned but to everybody. It was an honored meeting the U.S Embassy Ambassador. You are very lucky to meet the Ambassador in Mexico. You have a great day while having a dinner to Ambassador Carlo Pascual.

    It clearly shows that crime rates rise due to crime rates may increase due people with so little knowledge. Hence education programs should be implemnted and discussed more thoroughly.

  3. Gregg says:

    Ms Solis did you discuss the new program with carlos called (cepa) witch is for non english speaking imigrants in the U.S? Will this (cepa) program protect them better than the OSHA 11c whistleblower protection program that is suppose to protect legitamate americans but has not worked for twenty years?
    I have noticed that you do cater to the spanish speaking community Ms Solis so i guess this (cepa) will work,right?
    Gregg S

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