From Hollywood to DOL, You’ve Got a Friend

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Last week author and TV Writer-Producer Allen Rucker took to the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation Blog with a simple message… you’ve got a friend:

The Federal government, goes the current populist litany, is callous, self-serving, greedy, and patently oblivious to the true needs of the people. They are all a bunch of contemptible “politicians” out to feather their own nests, except, of course, for “our” politicians who are going to Washington to stand up for “real” Americans. It’s a wonderful campaign pitch, even a winning one, but it’s a lie.

If you are disabled and looking to find a meaningful place in this society, you have a friend in Washington. Actually, you have at least two – one high up in the White House and one high up in the Labor Department. Right now I want to focus on your friend at the DOL. Her name is Kathleen Martinez and her job title is Assistant Secretary of Labor for the Office of Disability Employment Policy. I didn’t learn about Madame Secretary, who happens to be blind, from watching Fox News or MSNBC. I learned about her from running into her on multiple occasions while she was out in the “real” America, doing her job.


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