Economic Freedom: Understanding & Access

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RJ Mitte and Kathy Martinez

RJ Mitte and Assistant Secretary Kathy Martinez

The Real Economic Impact Tour has been a big eye opener for me. I mainly got involved with the National Disability Institute (NDI) because of my work in Los Angeles, with the tri-guild civil rights campaign, I AM PWD. Being one of the very few people on a TV series that has a physical disability I learned a great deal more about visibility, and how important it can be when those who have differences speak out. If we don’t publicly talk about our differences, we run the risk of being dismissed by decision makers, and people who make policies.

If I can help get people to pay attention because of what I do, I feel that I must take personal responsibility.

As a child I was fortunate in that I had a great generational support in my family. Aside from my parents, my grandparents were a big influence. In fact, one of my grandfathers started a philanthropic foundation that gave millions of dollars to education, building homes for people around the world, and other humanitarian causes. The work that my grandfather did encouraged me to follow in his footsteps.

I often get asked how I feel about how people with disabilities are less likely to obtain a college education. Quite honestly, I think it’s tough for a lot of people to attend college, disabled or otherwise. While we have access to one of the finest educations in the world, could you imagine if every American had a more affordable access to a college education? We would see a lot more educated people in America and that would have a great impact on our economy.

When a person has been told by those around them that they can’t do or achieve anymore than the limitations of others, it’s very difficult to overcome those kinds of narrow beliefs. Disabled or not, I believe that we all must think outside of the box to achieve the dreams and goals we have set for ourselves. I would imagine some of the challenge lies in the fact that our society still has a lot of work to do in the area of accommodating people with special needs. We know that equality in every way is the goal. Getting there is our big lesson.

Ed. Note: This post was written by RJ Mitte, star of AMC’s Breaking Bad and Youth spokesperson for the Real Economic Impact Tour.

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  1. Marisol Lugo says:

    I’m excited to hear about an individual taking a stand for others who someway or an other lack a channel speak out and voice there presence and needs.

    God bless you Mr. Mitte!

    -Marisol Lugo

  2. edwin says:

    i think that person is an examlpe for people who still have not archieved their dreams ,there are many avenues to explore and many goals to achievew,,
    people whit disabilities .and that excludes the person’s condition but defines it and we can all have difeerent skills but being difereent does not define disability,Also in the constitution and international law provided proper and this is how people with disadilities,,

  3. one cost problem is computer on personal

  4. Barbara Rickert says:

    Are you kidding me were are the American’s are we not important any more I’m 51
    and can not get any help not had a check-up in over 5 years I need help why don’t
    my country help me please I know I’m not going to live long just because I can’t get
    health care I got hep c so when is my country going to be there for me

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