Promoting Retirement Security and Access to Affordable Health Insurance

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Phyllis Borzi is the Assistant Secretary for the Employee Benefits Security Administration.

The Department of Labor is committed to providing good jobs for everyone.  A good job is one that, among other things, provides a secure retirement and access to affordable health insurance.

The Employee Benefits Security Administration’s Fall Regulatory Agenda contains regulatory actions that aim to enhance transparency in retirement plans.  The regulations that EBSA intends to promulgate will improve disclosure requirements and give plan participants and beneficiaries more information, thus empowering them to make more informed decisions regarding their retirement benefits and increasing their retirement security.

On the health side, EBSA’s Fall Regulatory Agenda reflects our continuing implementation of the Affordable Care Act and other health-related employee benefits laws, such as the Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act. Our work in these matters is often in cooperation with the Departments of Health and Human Services and the Treasury.  EBSA’s efforts in this area will improve the ability of Americans to access affordable and quality health insurance, and reduce discriminatory practices in health care coverage.

By enhancing disclosure and promoting transparency, EBSA’s regulatory actions will promote retirement security and access to affordable health insurance. We encourage you to participate in the rulemaking process.

Ed. Note: Please note that comments posted to this blog are not part of the formal rulemaking process. You can find DOL’s proposed regulations, and submit comments, by visiting

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  1. Jennifer Ashurst says:

    I have not been fired from my job but have not quit. I was told that due to a lack of hours I was taken off of the schedule. I call regularly to ask if they have any hours but they tell me no. Am I entitled to any benefits?

  2. Nancey Kenon says:

    What can I do if I feel all these policys are unfair. Where would you advocate I voice my considerations to the federal government? I think many people could be inquisitive about hearing what you have to say.

  3. The US Labor Department is the body that is responsible for handling the medical insurance policies that you get through your job. These health insurance policies are taken care of by the EBSA – Employee Benefits Security Administration which creates as well as enforces the laws that should be followed by your employer while they are offering insurance benefits for health to their employees. For instance, your employer cannot single out an employee for excluding them from a certain insurance plan in Nevada on the grounds that they are terminally ill or their illness requires expensive treatment.

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