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Beth Noveck, former Deputy Chief Technology Officer and head of the White House Open Government Initiative has a great post on her blog about last week’s announcement of the Trade Adjustment Assistance Community College and Career Training Grant Program. A few highlights are posted below, but for the full text check out “Open Grantmaking in Practice Not Just in Principle.”

“The TAACCCT grants require that the training materials, curricula, online courses, and other courseware created by grantees with taxpayer money be made freely available for reuse to the public (not just to the government as is the standard practice) by means of a Creative Commons License (see cc post here). After all, we’ve already paid once to fund the grants, we shouldn’t have to pay a second and third time to purchase the same educational materials. As a matter of public policy, we want the widest possible dissemination of job training assistance.

In practice, this means that if a community college wins a grant to create a videogame to teach how to install solar panels, everyone will have the benefit of that knowledge. They will be able to play the game for free. In addition, anyone can translate it into Spanish or Russian or use it as the basis to create a new game to teach how to do a home energy retrofit.

In order to encourage use and re-use of these learning materials TAACCCT goes beyond mandating that grantees give permission to use the educational resources; the grant program also gives instructions to grantees for how to tag and label their materials to make them easily findable online.”

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  1. John Izzo says:

    Interesting. Always wondered why Feds were not stricter about this. Some have argued it will stifle creativity but I do not think so

  2. Gary Biel says:

    the post is great, thank you

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