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Tax season is upon us and while online filing makes it an easy process, there are still many who do not have access to home computers.  Everyone should know that computers at One Stop Career Centers are available for those who wish to file online.

Preparing a tax return can sometimes be stressful and confusing. Stressful because preparing one’s own taxes can be challenging, and professional tax preparation is often a costly option.  Confusing because it is not always clear what resources are available for those working on their returns.

Fortunately, for low and moderate income families, there is a resource.  The Free File program allows an estimated 70 percent of all taxpayers to file their returns for free online.  This public-private partnership between the Internal Revenue Service and a number of tax software companies is available to millions.  What is more, some companies offer their software in both English and Spanish.

Free online filing allows low to moderate income workers make sure they take advantage of the credits – such as the Earned Income Tax Credit – that are available to them.  It also speeds the refund process when compared to traditional paper filing.

Free File also offers a secure way for users to prepare their returns.  All information is stored on the servers of the participating software companies.  Nothing is ever saved to a computer’s hard-drive, making accessing a computer at a One Stop or a local library a safe choice for those without computers at home.

Visit today to find out if you are eligible and to learn more about the program.  Find the One Stop Career Center nearest you at or by calling 1-877-US2-JOBS.

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  1. Kathleen Forni says:

    What is the financial range to determine low and moderate income families?

  2. Kimi Wei says:

    It’s great that the administration is making free filing information available in both English and Spanish. It will be even better when correct Spanish is used to inform the public about these services. There are significant language mistakes in the graphic presentation and text at

  3. cabins says:

    Such a good move to implement tax system. keep up the good work
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  4. How do u calculate tax? is there any good systems online?

  5. FRP says:

    no way u must be kidding. u.s citizen should have at least 1 pc at home. either way, they must be able to access pc at home also.

  6. Government is earning so much from food and beverages tax. Imagine every sip we take is contributing to the government

  7. government shall take consideration into environment, like giving certain percentage into environmental care or smth like that.

  8. Good blog, gov should reveal step by steps procedure to tax files.
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  9. invisalign says:

    Nice site. keep up the good work.

  10. Great. never know calculating tax is so much complicated

  11. Great info. Will bookmark this info.

  12. thanks for your sharing. I think it’s very useful.

  13. Tax is what everybody are obliged to do. Excellent post

  14. Tax is a huge deduction to our salary and this is what every employee is complaining about however we can’t do about it since it’s an obligation of every citizen.Hopefully the government will just reconsider the poor people on the tax.

  15. Everybody hates tax but this helps the government to estbalish public structure for the benefit of its citizens..
    How can I subscribe with all of your post?

  16. Pamela Dickerson says:

    Almost every citizen complain the tax because of the huge deduction in their salary but some has no idea where the taxes go.. Thank you for sharing the article..

  17. Pamela Dickerson says:

    Just about every resident make a complaint the actual taxes due to the massive deductions within their income however, many doesn’t have thought where income taxes proceed.. Excellent blog

  18. dustinasebmem says:

    Tax is very important for the improvement of our society. That is why we pay our taxes regularly. Thanks for the great information.

  19. fraser says:

    This is one area I think the goverment is doing a great job. With the economy as such having taxes done free will help.

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