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Secretary Solis swears in Mark Hamrick at a podium

Secretary Solis swears in Mark Hamrick

Over the weekend, I had the honor and pleasure to officiate at the swearing-in ceremony of the AP’s Mark Hamrick as the 104th president of the National Press Club.  It was a festive evening, with the likes of such journalism luminaries as Helen Thomas and investigative reporter Bill Kurtis in attendance.

Although the “swearing in ceremony” was tongue-in-cheek, I did want to use the opportunity to send a message of support to the journalism community.  This is what I said:

Like the automobile industry, the construction industry, and even financial services, the journalism industry — the news business — has gone through some anxiety in the past couple of years.

The bottom line: it’s changing.

How we get our news, how you report news, and what is even considered news, is different than what it was just a few years ago.

But here’s what can’t change: your commitment to excellence, your commitment not only to getting it first, but getting it RIGHT first, and your commitment to keeping decision-makers accountable.

The people who you cover — and that includes me — may not always like what you report, and we won’t always agree with what you report, but know this: we will always celebrate, respect, and defend your right to do it.


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  1. Tovah Rezler says:

    Tuesday Feb. 01, 2011

    Ms. Tovah Rezler
    5740 Rembrandt # 104
    C.S.L. , Quebec, Canada H4W 2Z2

    I read your comments with interest. I fully understand that often the press
    must report items that are distasteful and seem pointless. Yet as the press
    are guaranteed certain freedoms that are not extended to other areas. They are
    able to observe , write comments, and express their views.Yet on the other hand
    you are aware that often powers at be want certain plans viewed and shown to the
    public and others hidden. Those are the rules of the game and we listen to
    those that are masters of the game.
    Good Luck,

    Ms. Tovah Rezler

  2. Sugar says:

    There is no photo credit. Shame shame.

  3. Nick says:

    As someone who owns a restaurant in Portland Oregon I can identify with an ever changing financial climate.Being on top of the game is key.

  4. Samuel Ryant says:

    Could you be so kind to explain this in detail, I would like to know a bit more about this.

  5. whatisthis says:

    Good to see that some people really write good content nowadays. Offtopic: I don’t know why but i’m having javascript errors viewing your website on Internet Explorer.. can you check it please? Best Regards

  6. Frank says:

    Without question the news industry provides an invaluable service.

    Frank L. DeFazio

  7. dcuo cash says:

    Good to see that some people really write good content nowadays.

  8. CB Doctor says:

    This is nice to read after seeing all the crap that comes through my schools paper at the university of washington and all of the media bs that circulates through campus and even in the town of seattle.

  9. Gracias por expresar toda su sabiduría en este blog, me gusta su pensamiento hacia los medios de comunicacion.
    Un saludo, Rocío.

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