OSHA’s David Michaels Weighs In on “Breaking Windows”

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Today on WSJ.com Assistant Secretary David Michaels provided his reaction to a previous post on the impact of regulations on our nation’s economy.

 As a scientist I look for evidence to get at the truth of things. And there is clear evidence that OSHA’s common-sense regulations don’t kill jobs; they stop jobs from killing workers.

 Better yet, our regulations don’t just prevent worker injuries and illnesses; they also drive technological innovation, making industries more competitive.

 Surprised? The most comprehensive study to date on the economic impact of OSHA regulation was conducted by Congress’ Office of Technology Assessment.

 The study found that in almost all cases, “industries that were most affected achieved compliance straightforwardly, and largely avoided the destructive economic effects” that they feared most.

 To read the full post and provide your comments, visit http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052748704399804576193363148276004.html.

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  1. OSHA Trainer says:

    As an OSHA trainer and one-time OSHA consultation inspector, I can attest to the fact that the safest, most efficient companies I ever saw were the ones with a comprehensive safety program in place. The fly-by-night operations that ignored safety may ahve made a profit early on, but the lack of safety measures eventually caught up with them, causing pain, suffering, and loss of jobs when they went out of business.

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