Health Reform: A Lifesaving Prescription for Women

The Affordable Care Act is one year old today. Thanks to this law, millions of women across America will have real — and equal — access to health care coverage for the first time in their lives.

Many improvements will be seen as the full law is phased in during the coming years. For instance, health insurance providers will no longer be able to charge women more for coverage just because of their gender.  Nor will they be able to deny coverage to anyone because of a pre-existing condition.  Consequently, an estimated 15 million women who could not afford health insurance before, or who would have been ineligible for coverage, will have it. 

While men can certainly be faced with having to leave a job to care for a loved one, it is still women who most often take time off from work to care for a sick parent or raise a child. The importance of this caretaker role is incalculable, and for many families the financial implications can be prohibitive.  In 2014, with the new ability to purchase affordable insurance even when you are not employed or when your employer doesn’t offer it, women and their families will be spared potentially crippling debt by gaining access to health coverage.

As the saying goes: “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”  And in the case of the ACA, that prevention means more women being able to afford routine – and potentially lifesaving – procedures such as mammograms and cervical cancer screenings.  Also, since the ACA prohibits insurance providers from requiring referrals to seek care from obstetricians and gynecologists, there will be fewer hoops for women to jump through to get the preventative health care that they desperately need and deserve.

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  1. PWC Motor says:

    Good help for those women who could not afford insurance before.

  2. Flo Vendeville says:

    It is too bad that the Administration or SOMEONE does not do a better job of informing the public about the benefits of the Healthcare Law, selling it, if you will. Those opposed to the bill, and their corporate backers, have been very loud and public with their mis-information. I am a 72 year old woman, still working full time, and I really want the law to be expanded to include what was called the public option. We need to make sure that the Congress does not de-fund the law like they are threatening to do. Is our Country going let poor people die because they can’t afford health insurance?

  3. Marie-Josée Palin says:

    My opinion is that the work, done BEFORE and SINCE that Affordable Care Act is still unmeasurable. President Obama (who thought about it for years – i duly read his books, mostly, here “The Audacity of Hope”, many other persons than me read -) and His whole Administration gave a lot of details and of ways for getting informed. And, as said here, the Act is one year old ! ….
    BUT : i can check, quite-daily, either people are VERY-WELL, and DEEPLY informed, … or NOT-AT-ALL.
    I have to be clear : some of them do not know, at all, what’s about, or quite.
    I can’t understand how, and why.
    ALL MEANS are at their disposal, it’s VERY astonishing, for me.
    PS : I don’t speak about people unfortunately not or a few educated, or turmented by some great personal decease. I here speak abot “average-Americans” i personally know – in my case : outside of The United States.
    Best Regards,
    MJ. Palin

  4. i would like to see more jobs for hiring the senior that are not working because no one will hire senior that are looking for work. i believe there are someone that are working for president obama incounting the jobs or the numbers that are not understanding their job and making many mistakes just like ozark stated ibelived him.please tell the president to have his staff to check hilda solis.

  5. I just finished up reading your blog the first time so I thought I should comment to let you know your stuff is great .This article helpful to those all woman who already have insurance plan.

  6. This is a very insightful and useful article that all Women should read. Thank you, I will be looking for more.

  7. Congratulations to you! You have great achievements in marketing. Keep up the good work. You deserve it.

  8. SEMxpert says:

    Cant understand that discussion about a health insurance in your country. Take Germany for example: Everyone has a health insurance, even the poor. In this case our government is paying for a standard insurance. We all have good experiences with that and I guess there is really enough money around in your country to have that for all. A health insurance for everyone is one of the anchors of a social community in my eyes.
    Best regards from Germany

  9. Healthy Body says:

    It is amazing that in this day and age women are still fighting for equality in the US, there are many countries around the world equality in health care is not an issue.

  10. that is the official positive sign by the blog users to the admins of this blog!

  11. This is indeed a good news for all women in the US. I will be sure to forward this page to all of my friends.

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