Water, Rest, Shade: Three Little Words that Make a BIG Difference

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Today on azstarnet.com, Secretary Solis takes the discussion on the department’s latest initiative to prevent heat-related illnesses and injuries to Arizona.

“In the summer, this desert town bears an average high of nearly 100 degrees daily. Between 1992 and 2009, nearly 1,500 people died of heat exposure in Arizona – more than one-third of them in Pima County alone. In 2010, there were nearly three dozen heat-related workplace deaths across the country and thousands more suffer heat-related illnesses every year.

Heat can be a real danger for workers in jobs ranging from agriculture and landscaping to construction, road repair, airport baggage handling and even car sales. And the percentage of Latino worker fatalities due to outdoor heat exposure was greater than that for white, non-Latino workers.

The fact is that heat-related illnesses and injuries can be prevented. It just takes some common sense. At the Labor Department, we get that.”

To read the full post and provide your comments, visit http://azstarnet.com/news/opinion/article_55cbe959-be46-5826-acfc-aea4c3fff60c.html

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