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Intern Rebecca Georges

My name is Rebecca Georges. I am originally from Miami, FL. and attend the University of Florida where my major is Business Economics. I flew 1,065 miles to intern at DOL, Office of Chief Financial Officer in D.C. for the summer in affiliation with The Washington Center. The idea behind TWC is to provide students with an internship in or closely related to their field of study. In addition to your internship, students participate in weekly academic seminars where speakers come to either talk about their organization, current events, their career journey, and/or the difference of working for government as opposed to private or non-profit sectors. Students are also required to register for course(s) with their universities and work on a professional portfolio while here.

My current career goal is to be a consultant. My passion is to work with at-risk teens, consulting them on the many opportunities available and giving them a chance to be successful. I enjoy problem solving and strategic planning as it relates to Business Economics. I aspire to one day establish an organization in South Florida or work for an existing organization focused on at-risk teens and carefully analyze the needs of teens in the area. I am interning at DOL because after reviewing my application, TWC felt that DOL would be a match and provide me with the essential tools needed to accomplish my life goals.

While interning with the DOL, I expected to actively participate in analytical research of the labor market work, explain variables that affect the labor market, and build my analytical skills. My current project at the Department of Labor is transit subsidy. Every year, employees have to apply for recertification for transit benefits. Over 2,000 employees submit an application. My job is to carefully review each application and compute what each transit benefit should be.

Although my position doesn’t quite develop my analytical skills, it does provide me other skills that are applicable to any career. Interning at DOL has taught me that even the smallest detail has a huge impact on our economy and labor market. I have learned how to work in a diverse office and how to appropriately address questions both via e-mail and in person. I have also learned the importance and effectiveness of communication. My job allows for higher disposable income for families, therefore, households have more money to spend on goods and services resulting in an increase in demand for products, thus creating jobs. The overall knowledge that I have gained at DOL has been outstanding.

Editor’s Note: The author, Rebecca Georges is a summer intern in the Office of Chief Financial Officer.

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