Lessons From Summer Interns

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In 2009 and 2010, communities across the country were able to use Recovery Act funds to support summer work programs. Knowing that those dollars were gone, but the need certainly was not, Secretary Solis kicked-off an initiative, Summer Jobs USA: Make the Commitment.

The initiative focused on partnering with business leaders, elected officials and non-profits and challenging them to make a commitment to young people – for the summer and beyond. It also asked them to commit to increasing the diversity of those they hire in summer jobs.

Additionally, Solis asked young people to make a commitment, too.  She asked them to work hard, and to use summer opportunities to learn new things, to grow, and to develop friends and mentors.

Currently, the Department of Labor is hosting more than 100 summer interns nationwide.

They come from different backgrounds, schools, and regions, but they share a common goal of making a difference in the lives of working families.

Read a few of their stories below:

Raisa Blanco, Gaining a New Understanding of DOL

Jack Crutchfield, Welcome Back, Jack

Rebecca Georges, From Great Expectations to Valuable Skills

Cindy Huynh, Once-in-a-lifetime D.C. Experience

Jennifer Kuang, Being an intern: More than a job, it’s informed citizenship

Eric Lopez, (A)broadening My Perspective on Government

Maria Prebble, Harnessing a Passion for the Planet

Sereen Thahir, Preparing for Public Service

Ashwin Warrior, Words Matter

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