Only Action Will Put Americans Back to Work

In the month of September, our nation’s labor market grew. We saw nonfarm payroll employment add 137,000 private sector jobs, exceeding expectations, and total nonfarm payroll jobs grow by 103,000. Additionally, we learned that we added 99,000 more jobs than was previous reported in the July and August jobs numbers. This is great news and I’m encouraged by much of the recent data we’re seeing.

Monthly Change in Total Private Employment: January 2008 to September 2011. Source, Bureau of Labor Statistics Current Employment Statistics Program

However, the unemployment rate remained at 9.1 percent, and we know more must be done to speed our recovery.

Our economy responds positively when Washington curtails the public bickering and pledges to work together to solve the jobs crisis. This is evident through recent data, including a rise in second quarter gross domestic product growth, building permits, industrial production, export growth, consumer confidence, and personal spending. If we want these trends to continue, our lawmakers must match their words with votes and pass the American Jobs Act.

The policies this administration has pursued continue to add jobs back into the economy, but we need them to work faster and on an even bigger scale. Having created 2.6 million jobs over 19 consecutive months of private sector growth, we know what works – cutting payroll taxes for workers and businesses, extending unemployment insurance benefits and making smart investments in the American worker.

Now is not the time to abandon these proven pro-growth policies. Actions have consequences, and so does inaction.

In September, we saw 34,000 local government workers lose their jobs, including 24,000 teachers and other education professionals. The American Jobs Act will stop these losses and give municipalities the support they need to put our educators back in the classroom. We can all agree that giving our youth a first-class education is critical to our long-term success in the global economy.

Independent forecasters estimate that the American Jobs Act will create as many as 1.9 million jobs and increase economic growth by as much as two percentage points, if enacted. That’s more than 150,000 additional jobs a month.

It’s crucial that this bill gets an up-or-down vote in both the House and Senate. If leaders in Congress refuse to put the bill to a vote, respected forecasters believe we will see lackluster GDP and job growth in 2012.

Inaction is not a responsible option for any lawmaker who is serious about putting this country back to work.

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  1. Thanks for the additional information! That was great!

  2. Spa Pune says:

    These are signs of better days to come in future. Creating a stronger economy, comes with planning and boosting sector in a fertile manner. Hats why sometimes it takes time, but if the idea is correct, success is assured, somes times the tests are little dificult

  3. Margo Pastirchak says:

    As an unemployed 53 year old mother I would love to have a government tele-commute job. This would be very helpful and work with my busy schedule to care for my autistic son. Please extend unemployment benefits as need the money to keep roof over our heads.

  4. Inactivity is not an option when so many US citizens are out of work. Weather up or down the vote needs to happen and if the down vote is cast then there needs to be an alternative put forth. Americans just want to work and every day they can’t makes them one more day angrier at anyone they can point the finger at which right now is the government in general.

  5. Joe Plumber says:

    Statistics lie and liars use statistics.

  6. Secretary Solis,

    I agree wholeheartedly with your views concerning action. Even though inaction in certain circumstances is the correct choice, this is not one of those times. The Americans Jobs Act, indeed looks like a fine piece of legislation, and as I tell my students “The thin line between greatness and genius is the presence of adversity which inspires the later while truncating the former.” Keep up the great work that you are doing for the American people.

    Dr. Content J. Writers

  7. Francis Caraco says:

    Secretary Solis,

    I can imagine the frustration as we continue add private sector jobs with little affect on the unemployment rate. Most of my follow citizens do not understand the math behind that 9.1% number and the fact that employment is a trailing economic indicator. With this frustration with the long lerm unemployment, the current administration gets no credit for the good work that you, and the President have done. The positive statistics gardner no positive reaction as Republicans continue to distort the truth.

    For what its worth – I get it. I hope that the majority of us will get it, and soon.

  8. Given the current economic climate, I feel that anything that can be done to create more jobs should be encouraged. As mentioned in this article, independent forecasters estimate that the American Jobs Act will create as many as 1.9 million jobs and also increase economic growth by at least two percentage points. Surely this act needs to get the vote.

  9. matt says:

    With new unemployment claims averaging 400,000 a week the above chart is a great example of cherry-picking data to push a partisan agenda. Good job putting the lipstick on the pig Ms Solis.

  10. 99% of statistics are inaccurate! Joking aside there are positive signs but we have a long, hard road ahead of us yet and I’m not sure I will live to see things completely recover (I’m 40).

  11. Hi! It’s very interesting! I think it’s very useful to study these questions. Thank you for the latest information.

  12. Hi, thank you very much for the great information, we definitely have a long road ahead of us. Unfortunately many businesses have suffered during this downturn in the economy, as a Calgary moving company we have definitely seen a downturn in our business. luckily we have been able to hold on to our employees that have seen many other companies that we deal with have to layoff many of their staff. Anything that can stimulate the unemployment situation is a positive.
    Once again thank you for the information.

  13. Cash Advance says:

    Let’s be real, until the free trade with china is eliminated­, there will be no job creation in this country. Millions of low skilled, living wage jobs left because of it, and they will not return as long as it is cheaper to make somewhere else. So, either we reestablis­h protection­ist tariffs, or learn to live on the $400 a month the chinese earn. Modern corporatio­ns have forgotten the lesson henry ford learned. You can’t sell products to people who don’t earn enough. When he raised his wages to $5 a day, his fellow industrial­ists wanted to tar and feather him. Because they would have to do the same to attract good workers. And soon, the economy was booming. Workers who earn more spend more. Workers who earn less, spend less. China never replace us as a consumer economy, because of their low wages.

  14. The dashed green line during the impact of the Recovery Act is striking! Let’s hope that your actions can keep the bars in the green color for long to come. We are all ready to get back to a vibrant economy and that is driven by people with money in their pockets and that comes from job income.

  15. I’ve been trying to hire employees for about 6 weeks and I have had very little luck. Until people are forced to go back to work by limiting the government assistance we will be stuck in economic limbo.

  16. UK Lender says:

    According to those graphs above, unemployment peaked in June 2009, yet you seem to consider that portion as much Obama’s as the ensuing 3 year drop in unemployment. Do you not consider that there is some time lag there? Doesn’t it take at least some time for a business to progress from determining the need for a new employee to the final hiring? To put it another way, assume the greatest President possible got elected. (OK, Reagan if you insist). When do you think unemployment would begin to drop?

  17. Unemployment is going to continue to drop until we get a president in office that makes it a priority. Our plumbing company in jacksonville has dropped by 90%. I believe the media has a lot of affect. If they start talking negative then all businesses are going to panic and react to it. Our nation needs to start thinking positive and positive things will happen.

  18. side effect says:

    Really interesting article, and truly engaging, I must add. I’ve subscribed to your RSS so I can look forward to more good posts from you.

  19. Kavya says:

    I really appreciate your professional approach. These are pieces of very useful information that will be of great use.

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