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At the Department of Labor, we’re proud that we’ve assembled the largest collection of job search, job placement and job training tools anywhere in the United States. But our resources are only as good as the ways we deliver them to the American people.

That’s why I have 132 million reasons to be excited today about announcing our new Social Jobs Partnership with Facebook.

Secretary Solis enthusiastically gives the thumbs-up -- a gesture to symbolize that she "likes" the Social Jobs Partnership Facebook page.

That’s the number of Americans who will use Facebook on a monthly basis this year. By 2013, it’s projected that 62 percent of all web users in this country and nearly half of the American public will be using this transformative social network. Facebook began as a vehicle to connect people with people. Today, my department is proud to work with this iconic American company to connect people with jobs.

The Partnership will leverage the audience and expertise of the Labor Department, Facebook, the National Association of State Workforce Agencies (NASWA), the DirectEmployers Association, and the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) to put crucial employment resources in front of a wider audience.

Secretary Solis and members of the Social Jobs Partnership get a demo of the new Facebook page.

At DOL, we have the content to engage, assist, and connect unemployed Americans with employers looking to hire. At Facebook, they have the audience of people plugged in on a scale we’ve not seen since the World Wide Web was created. NASWA will help job-seekers in local communities get the employment services and vital benefits they need to find employment and provide for their families. DirectEmployers will provide cutting-edge research to help America’s top employers find the human capital they need to succeed in the global economy. And NACE will connect our college graduates and alumni with employers looking for the critical skills they acquired in school.

This is the starting line-up in our all-star social media team committed to putting America back to work. Going forward, we’ll reach out to other leaders in social networking to bring them into the fold—from Twitter to LinkedIn to the next big thing on the social media horizon.

During my tenure, the Department of Labor has used social media to battle the long-standing stigma that government doesn’t do customer service well. This innovative partnership shows otherwise. It represents the Obama administration’s strong commitment to customer service on the most important issue of our time: helping people find work.  

Landing on the new Facebook page can help Americans land a good job.

Much of our political debate today is focused on creating jobs. This challenge is foremost on my mind. But creating jobs is only part of the puzzle. We also must do more to help job-seekers land jobs that are already open.

Right now, there are more than 3 million job openings in America that employers are actively looking to fill. Beginning today, 132 million Facebook users can discover new tools to find out about these open jobs and the skills they needs to get hired.

Facebook also made a commitment to drive traffic to the site through targeted online public service announcements. The PSAs will launch on Facebook to promote the page in the 10 states with the highest unemployment rate and in Puerto Rico, which has an unemployment rate of 16 percent.

Participating organizations will conduct in-depth survey research about how job seekers, college career centers and workforce recruiters are effectively using the social web. They will explore how job postings can best be shared on Facebook and throughout other social sites at no charge. They also will distribute educational materials to recruiters, government agencies and job seekers about the power of the social web.

This is just the beginning.  But as we launch this partnership, let me give our social media team an enthusiastic thumbs-up … a gesture I know the Facebook community can appreciate.

The Labor Secretary likes where this is headed!

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  1. Charles Modiano says:

    Bravo to Dept. of Labor, Secretary Solis, and the Social Media Team!!! This is truly a wonderful and innovative endeavor that is encouraging to see at the governmental level. In particular, this Social Jobs Partnership will help provide greater access and opportunity to young job seekers — a group that has been severely impacted by the current economy. Great work!

  2. Gregg says:

    What if your unemployed from becoming a whistleblower through OSHA and you can no longer afford the internet?
    I would ask this question through your Talktosolis at dol.gov but i never recive any response back when i ask questions there. Like the question why OSHA accepted this employer’s word at face value that they did not know i contacted OSHA. I just recived a call from the only receptionist at this employer’s branch on oct19,2011,1:36pm and again she stated that is a complete lie they all knew it was you gregg. This was given to OSHA(c) and much much more. What about the mechanic from this employer who contacted me 15 months after i was terminated and he told this employer they were not OSHA coplient with the safety inspections. He was pulled aside by management and told “You don’t want to go there look what happened to gregg”.That comment is clear proof of retaliation for protected activity Ms Solis. All this given to OSHA (c).This mechanic thought my case was closed with OSHA when he told me about this incident Ms Solis.
    Should i ask these questions through twitter or facebook Ms Solis?

  3. Too bad I’m only Canadian Chinese returned to HK. Our local government should learn from your good example too! Keep up the good work, just a few words to cheer you on and to express the appreciation. Nothin else…

  4. Janet says:

    This is a great idea. I wonder about security. I refused to “friend” on Facebook because of the intrusiveness of it. What security tactics are you inputting to protect citizens?

  5. Cool, there is actually some good points on this post some of my friends might find this relevant, will send them a link, many thanks.

  6. Brian Jensen says:

    It’s amazing how Facebook and social media can help businesses. In the near future, we’ll be looking for a new employee for our food truck business and will be using our social media channels to find an applicant. By sending the message out to our followers, we know that there are already fans of our business and hope to find a good qualified applicant that way.

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