New Webpage Helps Workers Keep the Benefits They Earn

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Workers participating in employer sponsored health and retirement plans deserve to understand their rights, responsibilities and benefits.  They need one place to go to get answers to questions and to file a complaint if they believe their benefits have been improperly denied.   That is why the U.S. Labor Department’s Employee Benefits Security Administration has launched a new consumer assistance webpage.  Helping workers understand their rights and providing them with assistance when needed to obtain benefits that were inappropriately denied is one of our top goals.

The new consumer assistance webpage provides quick answers to the most frequently asked benefits questions, provides easy access to useful information and self-help tools, and connects the public with experienced benefits advisors when assistance is needed.  The webpage is available in both English and Spanish. EBSA has a number of benefits advisors who are fluent in Spanish and a translation service is available for a variety of other languages. 

If a visitor to the site is unable to find needed information, they have the option to submit a question, file a complaint, or report a problem with their plan.  Once an inquiry or complaint is submitted, it is sent directly to one of EBSA’s benefits advisors for action.

The new webpage can be found at by selecting “Request Assistance” or “Solicitud de Asistencia” at the top of the page.  Read the press release to learn more:

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  1. Gregg says:

    I would like to know about my medical coverage to see if i’m still covered on this web site? … So can this web site tell me if i would still have medical coverage for me and my family after being denied my right to a fair and unbias investigation?
    Gregg S
    Do not forget my first amendment right for i am an American,military dad,tax payer,registered voter.

  2. What a really great resource. I’m sure this will really help, and especially in making sure workers understand their rights and can get the benefits they are entitled to. Well done to the EBSA for making this available to employees.

  3. This is top notch information. Its important for workers to know their rights and entitlements in order to produce a fully functioning and well-oiled economy.

  4. Vlad says:

    Very interestingly, I will note

  5. Although this does not benefit me personally, I am sure that it is very beneficial to the group of people that it does. It is always nice to see our government doing something right for the people of this country. Thanks for this information.

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