On the Path to Full Recovery

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Our nation’s strengthening labor market posted broad-based growth in the month of December. Nonfarm payroll employment added 200,000 jobs, exceeding expectations, and the unemployment rate fell to 8.5 percent, its lowest level in nearly three years.

Employment in Major Insustries: Over-the-year Change, Dec. 2010 to Dec. 2011. Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics, Current Employment Statistics Program

Month by month, industry by industry, and state by state, America’s labor market grew stronger in 2011. We’re now seeing sustained job growth across almost every industry. We created nearly 2 million private sector jobs in 2011, and the unemployment rate fell in 45 states and the District of Columbia last year. Additionally, the number of mass layoffs continued to decline, with 14 of 19 industries reporting a decrease in layoffs over the year.

In December, job creation in the transportation industry rose sharply, and we saw significant employment gains in retail trade, manufacturing, health care, and leisure and hospitality. Initial Unemployment Insurance claims have been well below 400,000 for the past month, the first time this has happened since June 2008.

Monthly Change in Total Private Employment: January 2008 to December 2011. Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics, Current Employment Statistics Program

We’ve now created more than 3.2 million jobs over 22 consecutive months of private sector growth. But our hard-won progress cannot be compromised. Congress wisely extended Unemployment Insurance benefits and the payroll tax cut for two months, but if we’re going to see our economy reach a self-sustaining path to durable and long-term economic growth, Congress will need to extend both programs for at least a full year.

The American public has spoken loud and clear that it rejects the political gamesmanship that has created uncertainty for businesses around the country. Congress should do the right thing and extend middle class tax relief and Unemployment Insurance benefits through 2012 to keep our economy on the path to full recovery.

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  1. Often treachery exits in a conlict of politics…besides the 71 who were fired odd “fishy” type deaths like stairwell collapsing? Is it al l coincidence?

  2. Gregg says:

    Another way to keep people working Ms Solis is simple,

    (GOT MERIT ?)

  3. kittypunkz says:

    great inforgraphic!!

  4. I couldn’t even find a job that would pay me what I am worth so I had to start a small business from home. I sure hope that the job market picks back up.

  5. I hope that the job market gets better soon. I was a loan officer and there is not much there for loan officers these days in the way of high paying jobs.

  6. Via Europe says:

    You have a good point there Davd BRuce Kotulak, but i really thing is gest a coincidence..

  7. Dear Sir, To
    The Secretary-General, Director, Department of Labor.
    I make some comment is appropriate.
    1. The rescue work. To help the unemployed. It is important in the lives of each family.
    2., Unemployment compensation, as the government has to help. (This is the right thing and
    Public acceptance).
    3. The growth of job creation and employment in the future. Should the economic situation.
    The economy must grow as well. Use federal funding to help them.
    Is subject to the terms of chance. To encourage employment. To avoid economic disruption.
    In this regard, I agree and would like to congratulate the government is committed to creating a successful outcome.

    Mr.Takaphan Jaruhungsin

  8. I read your post. Really it’s a interesting post by you.

  9. This is great news, seeing as Europe is destroyed more and more employees

  10. Gregg says:

    Ms Solis i just read how they are closing 260 USDA offices.Can you explain to the American people how you justify OSHA 11(c) whistleblower protection program that has not worked for some twenty years? The department of labor’s own investigator general who investigated the 11(c) whistleblower protection program where the outcome shows it has not worked for years.But if that was’nt bad enough the government accountability office investigated it also with the same conclusion as your investigator general’s report! So what do you do ,you hire more investigator’s to throw at it with no change to the program or how it operates! I think most Americans would rather pay for the USDA offices then your inefective OSHA 11 (c) whistleblower protection program.Safe food is a larger priority to most americans.
    To back up how bad 11(c) whistleblower protection program is all anyone has to do is read my comments in this blog section about “OUR” 11(c) whistleblower case.
    What do you think Ms Solis?

    (GOT MERIT ?)

  11. Gregg says:

    You know Ms Solis all i wanted was my job protected, I knew they were coming for me due to my complaining about what was going on with the unsafe machines they were renting out.Someone had to speak up our evidence shows that.I’m tired and want to work.Please give me my life back?

  12. Pool Fence says:

    It is so easy to upset yourself over these issues. I started not caring about news and politics a few years ago. It’s just not worth my peace of mind and my nervous system.

  13. SeoPerson says:

    I would tax people with more income more. The difference is ridiculous between the rich and poor. While thousands of people live in mansions, millions are starving. The balance is off. The rich is taking away from the poor indirect ways.

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  15. Austin Carver says:

    Excellent post! Thanks for the good read.

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