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Navy veteran Glen Williams of Illinois has a passion for helping his fellow veterans and especially those who are disabled veterans, like himself. But when he found himself out of work, he turned to the Department of Labor’s Veterans’ Employment and Training Service (VETS) for assistance.

After researching the federal job hiring process and struggling to navigate it, Glen wrote an email to VETS and asked for assistance to better understand the process and his rights and benefits as a veteran. I was happy to respond and direct him to the support staff he needed.

Members of the VETS team worked with Glen to refine his resume and showed him protocol on replying to job leads. He received a LinkedIn message seeking someone who was familiar with the government, military and human resources recruiting companies, leading him to a position as a disability and military outreach community recruiter. He began the job in February and now works to connect veterans and individuals with disabilities with job opportunities at Walgreens stores throughout the nation.

Often, unemployed veterans find not knowing “the system” is a barrier to finding employment.  The Department of Labor’s Veterans’ Employment and Training Service staff can be a “guiding light” for these veterans looking for assistance. 

Find more information about services available, as well as local contacts in your area, at

Editor’s Note: The author, Heather Higgins is a Regional Administrator for the Veterans Employment and Training Service and an U.S. Army veteran.

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  1. Michael Brand says:

    I am a non-service disabled Vietnam era Veteran, age 58 and I am looking for information and resources for training for hire, to work at home on my computer. Thank you for your help. Mb

  2. Lulu Winslow says:

    Hi Heather,

    I work atOFCCP. I hope to see the DOL using LinkedIn more in our efforts to connect veterans and disabled jobseekers with employers. It seems like a great networking/job search resource. Can we link to Glen and expand his network?

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