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Searching for jobs on a mobile phoneThe Labor Department’s Employment and Training Administration has a number of great online tools to help Americans find new employment or learn new skills from training providers in their community. In the past year alone, more than 40 million people have accessed these tools from their desktops. However, as technology changes, more and more people are using mobile/phone-based browsers to conduct the majority of their Web browsing. The department’s online resources are changing to keep up with the rapid growth and increased use of these devices and systems.

This week, we’ve made some of our most popular online tools available as mobile-optimized websites. These mobile sites give smartphone or tablet users quick access to key job search and training resources. Users can:

  • Locate and contact the American Job Center closest to them.
  • Conduct a Job Search by searching local job listings throughout the entire United States. Job listings are updated daily and can be searched by job type or keyword as well as by city, state or ZIP code.
  • Perform a Veterans Job Search to match military job experience to civilian careers, and then view local job listings for those careers. Users can search by their military job title or their occupational classification (MOC/MOS) code and can view job listings by city, state or ZIP code.
  • Browse the Salary Finder, which provides average hourly wages or annual salaries by occupation and location. The data come from the Occupational Employment Statistics program of the department’s Bureau of Labor Statistics.
  • Search the Training Finder for education and training programs in a specific area. Users can search by occupation, program or school, and then find contact information for the relevant program.

These changes are part of the department’s ongoing efforts to make workforce resources more open and accessible to the communities who need them most, and to ensure that job seekers have a range of tools at their fingertips.

Jane Oates is the assistant secretary of labor for employment and training.

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  1. 1) Youth unemployment is high.
    2) Youth use mobile apps.
    3) Please add Career Exploration as a TOP LEVEL app in the DOL/ETA Mobile Apps Suite.
    LINK TEXT: “What do I want to do for a living?”
    TEXT to follow the LINK: “Find my place in the world of work. What kind of work matches my interests, education, and experience? What are my next steps to get me there? Visit the US DOL/ETA sponsored “My Next Move” website to find out!

  2. Cindy Lennon says:

    I checked out this list and I was disappointed that Able-Disabled Advocacy did not pop up on this list. We are a DOL grantee with H1B funding that is providing advanced IT training. We are a private non-profit organization, not a school; however, we want individuals using the web to have information about our training. Can we be placed on this list?
    Cindy Lennon
    Program Manager

  3. Richard Wuthrich says:

    As the Assistant Veterans’ Program Manager with the Illinois Department of Employment Security, I was most interested in the Veterans Job Search mobile app. I am a retired 13M – Multiple Launch Rocket System Crewmember and this application could not find any jobs in the St. Louis or Chicago metro areas for this MOS. Is this just a glitch, because other combar arms MOS like 13B – Cannon Artillery, 11B – Infantry, and 19K – M1 Tank did have options to search for job openings? Thank you in advance for your assistance and devotion to our veterans!

  4. Regal Assets says:

    That’s extremely helpful. Most of the time, job seekers may be on their commute to a job they already have. With the accessibility to viewing job listings on the go, this will help them with better time management.

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