New Year, New Way to File Form LM-30

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If you are a union official who needs to file a Form LM-30 (Labor Organization Officer and Employee Report) this year, you can now file it using the same Office of Labor-Management Standards Electronic Forms System (EFS) your union has been using to file its annual financial report (Form LM-2, LM-3 or LM-4). Visit this page to learn more about EFS, and to view a PowerPoint tutorial on The Electronic Forms System (EFS) Guide to Preparing the LM-30. This tutorial explains all the nuts and bolts of filing your LM-30 with EFS – how to obtain a username and password, steps for completing the LM-30 in EFS, and instructions on saving, validating and submitting your LM-30. 

If you have already used EFS to file your union’s Form LM-2, LM-3 or LM-4, you know it’s easy to use and convenient, saving you time and effort. For help with the reporting requirements, EFS has context-sensitive help to save you from having to flip back and forth to the paper instructions; if you need additional help completing or submitting the form, there is a toll-free help desk available at 866-401-1109. And a built-in validation process will help ensure that you completely fill out the form. After you’ve validated your form and signed electronically, transmitting your LM-30 to OLMS is as easy as clicking a button. 

You can use your current EFS username and password if you have already filed a Form LM-2, LM-3 or LM-4 using EFS. If you have filed a LM-30 before (either manually or with EFS), but can’t remember your five-digit file number, EFS will help you look it up. If you have never used EFS before, it’s simple to obtain a user name and password. This EFS tutorial explains the process.

We hope you’ll take advantage of the new electronic Form LM-30 if you ever need to file the LM-30. If you’re not already an EFS user, this may be a good time to learn more about what it can do and how it can simplify filing. When you’re ready to begin, EFS can be accessed at

John Lund is the director of the Office of Labor-Management Standards.

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