2012 Veterans Employment Report Reveals Positive Signs

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Today the Bureau of Labor Statistics released the “Employment Situation of Veterans – 2012,” a report that shows promising signs that post-9/11 veterans are finding and keeping jobs in larger numbers as our overall economy continues its steady recovery. But it also makes clear that we must continue to use every tool available to honor their sacrifice by helping them find opportunities to succeed in good middle-class jobs.

The report shows a significant decline in the unemployment rate for veterans overall from 8.3 percent in 2011 to 7.0 percent in 2012. Several categories also saw improvements, including Post-9/11 veterans, whose unemployment rate declined from 12.1 percent in 2011 to 9.9 percent in 2012. Recent broad-based gains in the overall economy have helped to drive down these rates as we continue adding jobs at a steady pace.

Graph: Veterans Unemployment Annual Average 2006 to 2012

Veterans Unemployment Annual Average 2006 to 2012. Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics, Current Employment Statistics Program.

Ensuring support services address the unique challenges faced by America’s veterans, transitioning service members and military families are essential to improving upon today’s positive report. And a pathway to good jobs is a critical element of that commitment. First Lady Michelle Obama and Dr. Jill Biden have demonstrated a tireless dedication to veterans through the Joining Forces Initiative, which is securing commitments from thousands of private employers who recognize that veterans bring unique skills and leadership to their workplaces, and for a lift to their bottom lines.

Here at the Labor Department, our Veterans’ Employment and Training Service is the lead government agency dedicated to veterans employment. VETS serves hundreds of thousands of veterans and transitioning service members each year. In addition, programs like My Next Move for Veterans, the Transition Assistance Programs and the Veterans Gold Card provide enhanced employment services to veterans and transitioning service members, and give targeted support in education and training that will help us reduce the unnecessarily high unemployment rates among younger veterans and female veterans.

While this morning’s report shows that we are moving in the right direction toward reducing unemployment among America’s veterans, much more needs to be done to ensure that no veteran struggles to find work after serving honorably to keep us safe and secure.

Seth Harris is the acting Secretary of Labor.

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  1. Tom Bryant says:

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  2. Chuck Hosmer says:

    What about VEVRAA for all the vets working at Federal Contractors?! Why are you ignoring this? Help the vets that have jobs get fair treatment and the affirmative action they are promised and has been paid for.

  3. Marcia Robinson says:

    This is welcome news. Veterans have a lot to offer in terms of technical, leadership and administrative skills.

    Marcia Robinson @HBCUCAREERCNTR

  4. My organization is committed to assisting military personnel and their families transition from military life, including deployment challenges. We have highly skilled personnel in addition to myself a Vietnam Veteran with experience and education providing leadership to veterans every day.
    Resources are limited to continue our work and expand it to a full service military family in transition service, can you direct us accordingly toward resources to keep us going and expand our services?

  5. Jennifer Jhanda - NHI Massage School says:

    Outstanding post! Thank you for spreading the word on this important issue. We’re trying to reach Veterans in order to help support their transitions back into civilian life. NHI Massage Schools are invested in helping our veterans find job training & new career opportunities. We offer VA funding in support of those interested in veteran employment opportunities.

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