Working for Our Veterans: A Recap of the #VetsJobsChat

Acting Secretary Harris (R) with Joe Sharpe, director of the American Legion’s National Economic Division, May 13, 2013.

On May 13, 2013, acting Secretary Seth Harris and representatives of the American Legion hosted a Twitter town hall on veterans employment issues. Other federal agencies jumped in, too. Here’s a look at the conversation (with Q’s & A’s) as well as some resources that were shared.

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  1. MP Connolly says:

    Great discussion of the benefits to employers and Vets in sharing their stories and leesons learned pursuing job opportunities upon return from OIF/OEF/Afghanistan. Missing from the mix were state, local & private sector mental health providers – the 1st responders in demystifying/debunking media inflation of risks posed by PTSD/ TBI in the workplace. KUDOS for showing how reasonable accomodation in the workplace can be low cost/low maintenance!

  2. Professor Carole Toney says:

    I’m currently serving as the Coordinator of Veterans Services at a mid-sized rural state college. I love the idea of the Twitter Chats, Webnars etc to assist veterans. Are there any other resources available for veterans that are facing difficulty in the general education courses, besides college tutoring etc. What else can the coordinators do to assist them in this area.

    There also seems some confusion about the mix of veteran benefits and financial aid. Can you advise on any assistance here as well?

    Would you also advise then you will duplicate these types of program.

    Thank you
    Professor Carole Toney
    Coordinator Veteran Services
    Polk State College

  3. Professor Carole Toney says:

    When will the Department of Labor Duplicate this particular type of chat? How can the Coordinator of Veterans Services receive imployment information for veterans attending college?

    Thank you
    Professor C. Toney
    Coordinator Veteran Services
    Polk State College

  4. Everett E. Butcher, Jr. says:

    I am on a committee looking for proactive ways to recruit veterans. What can we do in addition to advertising publicly?


  5. Julio Alvarado says:

    I was curious if someone from SSA participated in these events and if the Ticket to Work program was discussed – Very important subject for those returning to employment while receiving benfits.

    Regards – Julio

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