May 23 Webcast: Community College and Career Training Grants

Helping communities across the country develop a “skills infrastructure” will ensure workers are prepared for the fastest growing jobs of the future. The departments of Labor and Education are working together to help make this goal a reality through unprecedented investments to expand the training capacity of community colleges.

Deputy Secretary Harris tours the mechatronics advanced manufacturing lab of Reading Area Community College in Pennsylvania, a TAACCCT grantee, in July 2012.

Nearly $1 billion in grants already has been awarded through the first two funding rounds of the Trade Adjustment Assistance Community College and Career Training initiative, known as TAACCCT.

In April, acting Labor Secretary Seth Harris announced the third round of funding for this initiative, providing an additional $474 million dollars to community colleges for developing innovative training programs in industries like advanced manufacturing, health care and information technology.

Single institutions have until June 18 to apply for funding, while schools applying together as a consortium have until July 3.

To help provide information about this exciting grant program, we’re hosting a webcast on Thursday, May 23. This session will highlight important focus areas for this third round, including employer engagement, capacity building and innovative service delivery. Current grantees, nationally recognized experts and administration officials will be on hand to share their experiences and advice.

The grants awarded in 2011 and 2012 are already helping students access high-quality training, earn industry-recognized credentials and gain access to good jobs. We know that the most successful programs are those that build strong employer and community partnerships, which lead to students finding employment more quickly after graduation.

The webcast is open to everyone, so whether you are planning to apply, looking to partner with a program in your community or simply have an interest in the TAACCCT initiative, we hope to see you there!

Jane Oates is the assistant secretary of labor for employment and training.

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  1. Betty Gardner says:

    Looking forward to the webinar

  2. Valerie Dembrowsky says:

    Where can we watch this webinar after the fact?

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