By the Numbers: 4.9 Million Americans Could Lose Unemployment Benefits By the End of 2014

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Because Congress failed to act to renew the Emergency Unemployment Compensation program, 1.3 million American have been prematurely cut off from unemployment benefits since Dec. 28. If Congress does not take action, millions more Americans will suffer and will struggle to pay for basic needs as they continue to search for work.

Last month, the White House issued a report highlighting the economic consequences of failing to extend EUC in 2014. In the chart below, see how the loss of these benefits will hit more and more Americans over the course of this year:


Are you one of people who have been impacted? Share your story in the comments below, or on Twitter by tagging @USDOL.

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  1. Debora Cerrato says:

    Hope to God they extent theUI, as well as goverment talk to companies to give a least a partime to people,stop fired people for simple reason, qualified people for their knowlages not their race all applications asking if i white hispanic or black why this? We all need a job do not pick and choose by race please dont allow this.Help usplease thanks.

  2. WJC says:

    They are not prematurely cutoff , as the above notice wrongly states, that was the law and if DOL spent more time educating folks including basic math and English maybe more would be working. Also the above graph presumes no one gets a job in the improving economy, for those with desired skills, for those without the skills, likely they will not not get a job until they obtain those skills–so best they go get them–now .

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