Cutting Emergency Unemployment Compensation Means Cutting Jobs Nationwide

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The Emergency Unemployment Compensation program, first enacted in 2008, has indirectly helped save jobs in many local communities. By providing modest income support to the unemployed while they continue to look for work, people are able to buy food for their families, keep a roof over their heads and/or maintain their medications − among other essential needs. That means these dollars make their way to the local grocery store, pharmacy and other businesses, which in turn helps those businesses maintain jobs.

A recent White House report on the consequences of failing to extend the program detailed the impact on employment by state. Here’s how many jobs could be lost across the country:

Map: Job Losses by State

Have you been impacted by Congress’ failure to extend emergency unemployment benefits? Share your story in the comments below, or on Twitter by tagging @USDOL.

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  1. Dr. Nathan says:

    I sympathize with the unemployed but what about the incredible benefit’s FUNDING? Where is coming from-thin air? The arrogance and ignorance regarding CONSEQUENCE is overwhelming. Need money? Fine we will just print more…more than $89 BILLION is PRINTED EVERY MONTH to mask the fiscal ineptitude of this administration. Simply put, this is the wrong course of action!

  2. Will Longtin says:

    I became unemployed October 2013 due to super storm Sandy and working in Atlantic City, NJ at Bally’s Casino. I continue to be unemployed and it was necessary for me to move in with my mother as I could no longer afford the rent at my apartment. Now in 2014 with no income due to the ending of unemployment compensation, I have no job, no salary, and become a dependent on my parent we are both in need of jobs in NJ, no seems to be hiring. It is very depressing and losing faith in our government who only seem to be concern about their income and agenda!

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