Who Receives Emergency Unemployment Benefits?

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As Congress continues the debate whether to extend emergency unemployment compensation for 1.3 million Americans and their families, it’s important to know the faces of those who need these benefits while they continue to search for a job.

A recent White House report reviewed data since the program was launched in 2008 and outlined some of the key characteristics of the people who rely on these benefits. So who are they?  The answer may be surprising:

Have you been impacted by Congress’ failure to extend emergency unemployment benefits? Share your story in the comments below, or on Twitter by tagging @USDOL.

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  1. Justin Klein says:

    Hi I am from the lovely state of ct I have been out of work for six months now .
    I was layed off from Sikorsky aircraft in stratford ct because of defence cuts .
    I worked there for five years and before that I worked at another company for twenty one years .That company went out of business and I was layed off.
    So as you can see I have worked my whole life please renew the emergency extension
    So I can take care of my family.

  2. Will says:

    Since they canceled benefits I have had to resort to putting almost all my bills and expenses on a credit card (about $2200 this month) that I have no idea how I am going to pay that. If I didnt have the credit card I wouldnt be able to pay my license surcharges from a DUI I got 2yrs ago. if I dont pay them my license would be suspended and I could end up in jail. How will I get a job then? Also if I have no license I cant get a job because where I live public transportation is virtually non existent. I have applied to roughly 500 jobs and have gotten 1 in person interview and a few dozen phone interviews. Ive been told though I have the training (I went back to school when I lost my job to learn how to weld) I have no experience and they want 4-5yrs experience or I get told I am grossly over qualified and I wont be given the job though I would be a good employee I would most likely leave as soon as something better comes along. This is a daily struggle and im hoping I can convince someone to give me a chance

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