Pay a Little to Save a Lot

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If you’re trying to stretch your paycheck, health care is a smart investment at any age. Pay a little now to save a lot later. After all, health coverage will reduce your out-of-pocket costs – but only if you have it.

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  1. gingerbelle says:

    Can I purchase insurance through rather than through my employer? Employee coverage too much $, but my employer insurance carrier says nobody else will cover me if employer offers coverage.

  2. Diane Dennis says:

    I have to ask… How can it be considered “affordable” when insureds have to pay the entire deductible (I’ve seen as high as $5,250) before they can start paying the co-pays. So this means a person pays their monthly premium every month PLUS $5,250 BEFORE they actually get the true coverage. Now let me ask you… How about all the major-league depressed/anxious people who are on medication that is over $200+ per month? How about the people on dialysis or taking heart medication, etc. (anything life sustaining)? How many of these people will not be able to pay for their medicine (or doctor visits) because they don’t have $5,250 to put out (all the while paying the monthly premium) for their meds/medical services/doctor visits, etc.? How many people will die within the first few months of 2014 because they can’t afford this? I know that if I hadn’t have been qualified for free basic coverage in Washington state I’d be dead come February 2014 (or sooner) because I would end up jumping off the bridge because my depression and anxiety is so bad. Very sad to wonder how many low-to-middle class people will end up dead because of not being able to pay that deductible before getting services at a co-pay amount… It would have been affordable (for some) if that deductible didn’t have to be paid first. That is what will kill these people.

  3. Diane Dennis says:

    And to make things worse… These insurance companies have very few medications on their formulary. I have “Refractory Depression” (treatment resistant depression) and my new insurance coverage does not cover a single one of my 5 anti-depressants/anti-anxiety medications, let alone my meds for all my other health issues. I take probably at least ten different prescriptions and not a single one is on the formulary so they’re saying I have to start using other meds. I’ve been through all the meds, ergo the “Refractory Depression”, so what happens when they take me off of what is currently working and put me back on something that quit working? Here comes that bridge again… This really can be a very terrible thing for people. Much less expensive to pay the fine.

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