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As I travel across the country, I hear stories from so many remarkable Americans who inspire me to work harder every day. In Cleveland this morning, I spoke at a rally about the importance of raising the minimum wage. While I was there, I talked with 11-year-old Jesseca, who came out to show her support for giving millions of workers the dignity and respect a hard day’s work deserves. I gave her my business card — as I do with many people I meet on the road. Before I boarded the plane back to D.C., I got this email in my inbox:

Sent: Friday, March 28, 2014 2:23:31 PM
To: Thomas Perez
Subject: Minimum Wage Tour Cleveland

Dear Mr. Thomas Perez,

My name is Jesseca Hudson I would first like to thank you for noticing me at the “Raise the Minimum Wage Rally.” I learned that families have a hard time trying to take care of the people they love and themselves because of low wages. Tracey a low wage worker struggles day to day to take care of people she love and herself. She would really like to do something fun for her grandchild.

I believe as an 11 year old I can help because I am young and people love to hear stories from kids about world events and about how kids are involved to make a difference. I think it is good for the government to help struggling people.

I look forward to working with you and your group.

Yours truly,

Jesseca M. Hudson

Jesseca’s right. Kids can and do make a difference. With her speaking up, I feel confident about the future of our country. I encourage all Americans — and Congress — to join Jesseca in her call to reward hard work with a fair wage.


Follow Secretary Perez on Twitter as @LaborSec and join the conversation on this issue using #RaiseTheWage.

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  1. Sharif Sheng says:

    Dear Sec. Tom,
    Yes, everybody should work hard if each person has a job. It is important that get a job first…
    Thank you for raise the wage for American. You will help everybody to get a job for you hard work that I believe it.
    Happy travel across the country!

  2. Ms. Jessica is more mature than her age! She will do great things in her life.

    Keep the momentum Jessica!

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