Share on Instagram: What Does Raising the Minimum Wage Mean to You?

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People often forget that behind each data point around raising the minimum wage, there are real people − each with their own unique story to share. Sometimes we get so caught up in policy discussions that we forget about people struggling to make ends meet and those who have to make hard decisions, such as whether to put food on the table or pay the electric bill. Secretary Tom Perez and other Labor Department staff have met with workers all across the country and heard their stories, such as Tracy in Cleveland, Ohio, a home care worker who makes $8 an hour and can’t afford to take a sick day. They’ve also heard from business owners who’ve made the case why paying a higher minimum wage is good for the bottom line.

Starting this week during the #RaiseTheWage Week of Action, we want to hear from YOU. Use your Instagram account to share your own photos and short videos of what raising the minimum wage means to you as workers, business owners and supporters.  And when you do, make sure you tag @USDOL. We’ll feature many of these photos and videos on our website,

Already, elected officials, workers and business owners have shared their stories. Some state legislators have even accepted a challenge to live on the minimum wage and are posting updates about how difficult it is.

Take a look at what has already been shared and then add your voice to the conversation:

Laura Miller is a special assistant in the Office of Public Affairs.

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  1. Shilpi Singhal says:

    It means increased cost of everything. I don’t see that necessarily helping people with all the sentiments shared above. When minimum wage went up a few years back, everything
    became more expensive. I feel this is how we are making ourselves less competitive around the world. Our product is more expensive, so we outsource for cheaper products. Have we looked at how we are negatively impacting ourselves with hike in minimum wage and cascading effect of that wage in the economy?

  2. Nancy Schuring says:

    Wait. The people above look like they SHOULD get more than minimum wage. But, maybe instead of just making the work worth more and thereby cheapening the dollar, the country could look at how to train the employees and move them into a better paying job, thereby making them work smarter, feel like they’re growing, being able to set a best example for the next minimum wage earner. If the worker has the experience or the training they should NOT be making MINIMUM WAGE! They should be in a job that can pay them what they’re worth.

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