Join Us for a Minimum Wage Day of Action

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5 reasons to raise the minimum wage

It’s been 5 years since the last time the federal minimum wage was increased. The cost of living has increased significantly since then, but wages have not.

We believe that hard work should be rewarded with fair pay, and that no one working a full-time job in America should have to live in poverty. If you believe that, too, join our minimum wage Day of Action.

Here’s how: On Thursday, July 24, tweet your support at 10:10 a.m. ET. We’ll be using the hashtags #1010now and #5Reasons to highlight the “#5Reasons to raise the wage to #1010Now.” Use one of the graphics below or click here to find more.

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  1. Carole Reich says:

    If employees can’t pay their bills how are they supposed to stay focused and positive at work.

  2. Joshua Thompson says:

    Using tax payer dollars to fund a propaganda campaign is completely criminal. This is political activity, something expressly banned.

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