4 Ways to Achieve More Economic Equity

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On this date in 1920, the 19th Amendment was ratified, according women equal voting rights with men. Today we recognize August 26 as Women’s Equality Day – but in many ways, women in this nation still aren’t equal. As the Women’s Bureau and the Department of Labor work to create and expand opportunities for working women, we see Women’s Equality Day as a reminder of the work that remains to be done to achieve workplace equality and economic security for women in America. For example:

Woman's Equality Day - women's vote

  1. Women’s pay should keep pace with their education attainment. Women today are outpacing men in educational attainment, yet still earning significantly less than men, which affects the lifelong economic security of women and their families. The Obama administration continues to work towards closing the pay gap through a variety of efforts, including its work with the Equal Pay Task Force.
  2. Address occupational segregation. Women today make up nearly half of the labor force, yet they continue to be overrepresented in low-paying jobs and underrepresented in many of the industries that pay more and feature stronger job growth, which contributes to the gender wage gap and impacts the economic security of women and their families. The new Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act provides Secretary Perez an opportunity to review the current key elements of the federal workforce training and development system to evaluate how well offerings support the entrance of underrepresented groups, such as women, into higher-paying nontraditional occupations. And at President Obama’s direction, Vice President Biden has been working on a job-driven training initiative that contains provisions for helping women get the training they need to enter today’s in-demand jobs.
  3. Reform workplace policies to reflect the realities of today’s working families. Today, in most households with children, both parents work outside the home. Most workplaces, however, have not adapted to changing circumstances and fail to offer the kinds of  benefits and supports, such as flexible work schedules, paid leave and access to quality and affordable child and elder care that make it possible for families to balance the demands of work and family. Recently the Women’s Bureau held a Summit on Working Families with the White House and the Center for American Progress to explore how we can strengthen today’s workplaces to better support today’s working families.
  4. Put an end to discrimination. Despite the enactment of important anti-discrimination laws, working women today still face pregnancy discrimination, sexual harassment and other forms of gender-based discrimination not experienced by their male counterparts to the same degree, if at all. The Women’s Bureau wants to ensure that pregnant workers and all other working women have the resources to help them both understand the workplace protections afforded to them under the law and know how to seek recourse when employers fail to recognize and honor those rights.

Women’s issues are workers’ issues. They’re family issues. And the more action we take towards equality, the stronger our workplaces, families and economy will be.

Latifa Lyles is the director of the department’s Women’s Bureau. Latifa Lyles

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  1. Violet Weed says:

    You don’t know what you are talking about! I’ve met hundreds of women with university degrees and they couldn’t communicate their way out of a wet paper sack. I do not have a degree but I have made six figures a year since 1995. How? Why? Well, for starters, I have NEVER stopped learning. I also ASK for what I believe I should be paid. That’s right! I ASK FOR IT. Most women do not have the moxie to ask for what they should be paid (according to the prevailing rate for the work they do, the experience they have, and what they KNOW that makes them WORTH what they want to be paid).
    Women are smarter than men. You know that. MUCH smarter. But so many many MANY! women do NOT treat OTHER women as equals, let alone as ‘sisters’. WE raise the children, WE maintain society and yet so many younger women are willing to sell their souls to the DEVIL to get handouts from the government. You know it. I know it. The ‘powers that be’ BANK ON IT. They want women to be succubi and to raise up generations of succubi. They do NOT want us to be successful, and when we are, they sic the govt. onto us. (That certainly explains why I AM ALWAYS singled out at airports for ‘patdowns’. But hah hah! I have the last laugh! I love those patdowns, they count as ‘sex’ in my book, :). The bottom line is that we do not need the government being ‘big daddy’. EFF THE GOVT. Throw out lifetime senators and other bureaucrats. Tell the current potus that we know what his puppetmasters are up to, far more than HE does, and women are not going to stand for it. For gawd’s sake am I the only person (and I’m WHITE) who memorized, not MLK’s speeches (which he blatantly stole from other southern ministers) but SOJOURNER TRUTH’s rhetoric which contains my favorite ominous phrase: “….. and the men better let ’em!” Go look it up. SISTERS ARISE! THROW OFF THE SHACKLES, STOP HAVING BABIES AND TAKING THE HARD-EARNED DOLLARS OF OTHER WOMEN WHO ARE DOING THE RIGHT THING AND WORKING JOBS, PAYING TAXES, RAISING UP GOD-FEARING, USA LOYAL AMERICANS WHO RESPECT THEIR PARENTS, and who will no longer tolerate the racism of the DEMOCRATS and AFRICAN AMERICANS.

  2. Edna Orta Anés says:

    I have a meeting this afternoon with the Vicepresident of Human Resources of my institution an this article gave my more tools to deal with the meeting. Thank you. Saludos

  3. 1. What are their degrees in? Women’s studies BA is useless.
    2, Some jobs women can’t/won’t do. Hurrah for men who do the hard, dirty work.
    3. Employers should pay for the work you do. Family arrangements are your own business.
    4. Can the woman do the job? Too many “discrimination” suits are baloney– the woman just isn’t doing the work, but when she’s fired, she hollers “discrimination.”

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