DOL Highlights National Consumer Protection Week

Here at the Labor Department, our mission is simple: Good Jobs for Everyone. All that we do, from setting and enforcing safety and health standards, to ensuring that workers are paid the wages that they’re owed, to training young people for the rewarding careers of the future, is focused squarely on strengthening employment opportunities and protecting workers. We also understand that most workers are consumers (and vice versa), so our work sometimes yields benefits for the consumer public as well.

This week, we’re joining with a broad coalition of government agencies and national organizations to raise awareness and share information about the ways that consumers can protect themselves from a growing list of potential dangers in the marketplace. We want to let you know how the Labor Department can help you make safe and sound decisions as a consumer.

So, check out our consumer protection week blogs for the remainder of this week, and visit the National Consumer Protection Week Web site at to find out more.

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