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Workers Memorial Day: Making a Living Should Not Include Dying

This Saturday, April 28, is Workers Memorial Day. On this day, we remember the extraordinary sorrow that far too many families still suffer as a result of unsafe working conditions. It is also the 41st anniversary of the department’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration, the beginning an era when the basic right to a safe and healthful workplace became the law. To honor fallen workers and raise awareness of the workplace challenges still faced, the Labor Department is initiating a social media campaign to spread the message of Workers Memorial Day and share stories of those who have been touched by injuries in the workplace.

We changed our social media profile images to this graphic, and we’re asking our friends and followers to do the same.

Today, we changed our social media profile images to the graphic above, and we’re asking our friends and followers to do the same. Through your actions, we hope others in your networks will take the time to explore the significance of Workers Memorial Day and show their support in turn. In addition, we encourage everyone who posts about Worker Memorial Day on social networks to “tag” us so that we can help recognize as many of these stories as possible. We’re using the hashtag #WorkersRemembered on Twitter (@USDOL). Those using Facebook can tag the U.S. Department of Labor page. Even if we don’t capture every story of a life touched by unsafe working conditions, it’s important that these experiences are shared. Each story that expresses the human costs of cutting corners on safety can educate others about the vital need to protect every worker in this country.


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I remember the day. Every where in the world, need the safe workplace.
What a ridiculous claim, "...beginning an era when the basic right to a safe and healthful workplace became the law." All rights are natural, i.e. a right is something that each one of us can do as a result of being created in God's image. For instance, we are created with the ability to speak, therefore we have a natural right to speak freely without having to submit our thoughts first to government for approval. We are created with legs to carry us from one place to another, and therefore, each of us has the natural right to assemble without having to first be granted permission by government to do so. Read the first 10 amendments to the Constitution folks, and really scrutinize the wording. Notice that in each instance, a PROMISE is made that none of the 3 authorities of government, i.e. legislative (Congress), executive (President), and judicial (courts), may be used to interfere with any right that we NATURALLY possess. In no instance does an Amendment state that the People "...have a right to ____," because government cannot create rights. Simply because words appear on paper, you do not suddenly develop a bodily capacity to do something that you could not already do before those words appeared on paper. Remember that. Regulation, which is not law because it is not created by legislatures, does nothing more than create a back door for an agency like OSHA to demand damages from a business because either an injury occurred or a citation issued for something a regulator deemed violative of regulatory provision(s). What a crock! It is pure hogwash to claim that just because OSHA developed the capacity to fine businesses, people (and stop referring to us as "workers," which is how all good Marxists describe persons besides themselves) did not suddenly develop a bodily capacity to be safe while working. If you are injured while performing your employment duties and OSHA involves itself, it will do nothing more for you than take money from your employer, which only makes it more difficult for your employer to employ others. You will still have to file a civil lawsuit to seek damages for your injuries. Why should unconstitutional administrative agencies financially benefit from your being injured? Demand that your local representatives in the state legislature begin to disassemble the agency apparatus within your state; demand that your county and city government refuse to acknowledge the validity of regulation within their jurisdictions, and remember and apply the mantra, "I WILL NOT COMPLY!"