A LEADER in Apprenticeships: Oberg Industries

Editor’s Note: The following guest blog post is authored by David R. Getty, manager of corporate communications at Oberg Industries in Pennsylvania. Oberg is part of ApprenticeshipUSA’s LEADER program. For more information about this program, visit www.dol.gov/apprenticeship. View the White House Fact sheet here.

obergDonald E. Oberg, founder of Oberg Industries, knew the importance of training his employees so they had the skills and knowledge necessary for his company to make the complex metal components his customers needed. So he launched an employee training program soon after starting his company in 1948, which led to an apprenticeship program that was formally registered in 1971. The company started with time-based apprenticeship programs but has evolved to competency-based programs – meaning workers graduate from an apprenticeship when they demonstrate they’ve mastered the required skills. We’re proud to say we have successfully trained and equipped nearly 1,000 employees to succeed in the metal working jobs of today and the emerging industries of tomorrow.

Why does Oberg Believe In Apprenticeship?
This is truly a “win-win” situation for both our employees and the company.

Our Apprenticeship program:

  • Ensures that all of our employees will have the job competency skills the company needs to be successful today and tomorrow and instills our corporate values and culture in new employees.
  • Provides each apprentice with the ability to earn family-sustaining incomes and learn a skill at the same time.
  • Establishes a culture of continuous learning for incumbent workers.
  • Contributes to the overall success of the organization by enhancing our reputation, strengthening our brand, and setting us apart from our competition as a world leader in advanced manufacturing.

In addition, our Registered Apprenticeship program has helped to sustain our core business initiatives by developing the technical competencies of our workforce, maintaining our focus on quality and precision, establishing strong, long-lasting customer partnerships, and promoting community involvement. Graduates of our program have become much more than good production workers. Many have become company executives, sales managers, engineers, quality managers, estimators, project managers, production supervisors, or have chosen a variety of other career paths. More than 20 have even started their own companies. Our apprentices typically support company-sponsored and individually motivated efforts to support our communities. Having our Registered Apprenticeship program demonstrates to our local communities that we are dedicated to remaining in the area, and doing our best to hire from the surrounding region.

Our Registered Apprenticeship program has been an essential component for developing and maintaining a workforce with the right skills that enables us to meet and exceed the expectations of our customer partners. We will always maintain our apprenticeship program because we value our highly engaged, creative, and innovative people. We’ve seen triple digit return on investment from our apprentice graduates even during difficult economic conditions. Our people are the reason for the company’s success. Customers Rely On Us…We Rely On Our People!

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