ICYMI: Here's What You Need to Know About Trade Adjustment Assistance

Since its inception over 40 years ago, the TAA program has served as a lifeline for more than 2.2 million workers across all 50 states. In just the past six years, the TAA program has made income support and job training benefits available to hundreds of thousands of American workers. The map below shows how many workers in each state have been certified to receive job training and other TAA benefits since October 2009:


The TAA program works.  In the most recent fiscal year, nearly 77 percent of participants found employment within six months of program completion, and nearly 90 percent of those who found work were still employed six months later.

However, the current program is not expansive enough to cover all displaced workers who need support to retool and transition into a new job. In fact, an estimated 17,500 workers have been shut out of the current, inadequate program since expansions in the TAA program lapsed at the beginning of 2014. If the House reinstates those expansions by passing the TAA bill today, these workers would automatically be reconsidered for TAA benefits. If the House votes down the bill, these workers will be left without the opportunity to take advantage of the program.

To learn more about the importance of the TAA program, read this letter from Secretary Perez to members of Congress.


I am from India and I strongly support trade initiatives like TPP and TAA.I worked as an IT professional in Indian Outsourcing Industry and some of my worst life experiences are from that only.In 2012 I worked in Cognizant Technology Solutions as a contractor.There I faced Rude behaviour,Sidelining,Harassment,Retaliation,Victimization and Workplace bullying from my immediate Supervisor and his lobby.There was no proper salary payments.No health insurance.I was forced to work in night shifts without night shift allowance.Finally I left that horror place.That job entirely spoiled my health,career,personal and social life.My possibilities of further educational achievements also they spoiled.After leaving they have been continuing their worst tricks to conceal their mistakes and spoil my life.Long back during my Diploma course my father came to me and asked to leave that course and join for Government job.But I argued with him that there is no possiblities of innovation and growth.But now I am ashamed of myself.Outsourcing might have helped for better engagement of people across the globe.But now it has reached at its worst phase.It is too sad if,Outsourcing companies give its employees experience of robbery.So we need better trade deals with stronger provisions for employment protection.

Based on these facts, I support the TAA program.

i was just reading about a new grant that expanded disability supports-this prgm. affiliated with DOL. My QUestion is concerning overlap. it appears some states are approved annually, plus get extra funding 4 new programs. is there a policy to ensure the same (x) number of states aren't getting the same level of funding from year to the next?

I'm from Louisiana and I fully support this bill.

Great, lets improve this program; but let's not continue to create more problems by allowing corporate interests to trump good and just worker policies along with environmental and other considerations by continuing to push bad, secretive trade deals like TPP!

Existing trade agreements are really inadequate for meeting the businesses of 21st century.So as part of never ending continuous improvement processes we need agreements like TPP and TAA.Only concern how fast we can achieve these.

Workforce development and retraining are critical domestic economic development issues. Understanding that, I am afraid is beyond the comprehension of most members of Congress. In the south, children are being home schooled. Garbage in garbage out. In the north the schools cannot get funding necessary to give books to every student. Fail.
What is needed is for these disparate members of Congress who will be facing the outcomes of both of these mistakes to get together and find a common solution, else the children in their districts replace immigrant workers in the farm fields picking fruits and vegetable for their educated masters' tables.

I'm assuming this is just part of the trade agreement that has been kept secret. NAFTA was bad for American workers as our jobs went to low wage overseas manufacturers. This total agreement will do more of the same. Say no!

This bill is worthy of consideration but will it be needed if the TPP is adopted?

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