What ADA Means to Women: Dismantling Barriers to Inspire a Brighter Future

Conversations about disability rights seldom focus on the unique experiences of women with disabilities. Last week, however, the department’s Women’s Bureau held a “Women and the Americans with Disabilities Act” webinar highlighting issues women with disabilities face in the workplace.

If you weren’t able to join us, you can watch the webinar recording below. Some of the topics covered include employment rates for women with disabilities, workplace accommodations, temporary disability for pregnant workers and the increased risk for abuse faced by women with disabilities.

Editor’s note: The webinar was one of many events we hosted to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act this summer. The ADA has transformed our approach to diversity and inclusion: Whether pushing a stroller up a ramp designed for a wheel chair, using the larger fonts on smart phones designed for the visually impaired or working from home after recovering from surgery – it’s clear that accommodating disabilities is simply a smart way to approach everything from product design to workplace policy. View our timeline of the ADA and learn more about the act’s impact here.

Kelly Jenkins-Pultz is the regional administrator in region IX of the Women’s Bureau (Arizona, California, Guam, Hawaii and Nevada).

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Thank you for the video on "What ADA Means to Women: Dismantling Barriers to Inspire a Brighter Future".
I would like more information on the topic of Domestic Violence/Sexual Assault/Stalking against women with disabilities. Specifically, I would love to know where to find additional information and research on cybercrimes against women. How do people stalk/abuse women after meeting them online? How do we eliminate this danger?

Thanks in advance,

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