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Thinking About a New Job? Try Health Care

Health care jobs have a bright outlook. In fact, about 1 in every 4 new jobs added to the economy between 2014 and 2024 will be in health care fields, according to Bureau of Labor Statistics projections. Infographic showing 1 out of ever 4 new jobs created between 2014 and 2014 will be in health care fields What’s behind this wave of growth? A couple of factors: The baby boom generation is aging and people are living longer, so there will be more older people who need health care services to remain healthy and active. Also, rates of chronic conditions like diabetes and obesity are growing, so more health care workers will be needed to help care for people with conditions like these. And because more people have health insurance due to federal health insurance reform, they’re also more likely to use health care services, increasing the demand for many kinds of health care workers. Infographic showing employment in health care is expected to grow 19% from 2014 to 2014 compared with an average of 7% for all jobs Health care job opportunities are found across all education levels – from graduate degrees to just a high school diploma. However, wages are typically higher for those that need more education. Infographic showing some of the fastest-growing health care jobs by level of education needed, and median wages for those jobs Explore these jobs and many more using the online Occupational Outlook Handbook at Need help finding a job or changing careers? Visit your local American Job Center or explore our online resources. Michael Wolf is chief of the Division of Occupational Employment Projections in the Bureau of Labor Statistics.


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Not depends upon supply and demand and not necessarily how much education is needed.
I am 63 years young and nearly 20 years of experience. Seven months ago I lost my job in New York and worked for EmblemHealth aka HIP and GHI. HUNDREDS of people were effected. Where is the opportunity for Women of my age^salary? We do not revere mature men and women in our country. We are viewed differently and if we are lucky enough to get employed they do not pay us what we are worth .
Thrilled it's 2016 I'm wondering where these jobs are located .I know it's NOT Florida..the salary is too high and it sounds like full time..and majority of jobs in florida are per benefits
It looks as though the information provided under the above topics "BACHELOR'S DEGREE" and "SOME SECONDARY EDUCATION" may be reversed, as the respective salaries and some of the job positions would suggest.