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3 Reasons to Hire a Hero

three veterans work in a manufacturing environment


As thousands of American employers know, hiring veterans is a smart move. There are more than 7 million veterans in the U.S. labor force, meaning they’re either employed or actively looking for work. If you’re curious about working with veterans, here are three great reasons to hire one:


Military service emphasizes the value of teamwork, organization and discipline. Military training teaches service members to work as a team by instilling a sense of a responsibility to colleagues. What’s more, the size and scope of military operations demand that service members understand how groups of all sizes relate to each other and support the overarching goal. While military duties stress teamwork and group productivity, they also build individuals who are able to perform independently at a very high level.

2. Problem solving

Veterans are goal-oriented workers, with plenty of experience in quickly adapting to new situations and solving problems. As service members, they developed the capacity and time-management skills needed to know how to accomplish tasks correctly and on time, in spite of limited resources and pressure.

3. Leadership

The military trains service members to lead by example as well as through direction, delegation, motivation and inspiration in some of the toughest situations imaginable. Veterans are not only well schooled in the academic theory of leadership; they also understand and have used practical ways to manage behaviors for results.

Hiring veterans is smart for business, and at the Labor Department, we’ve got resources to help you find them. Get one-on-one assistance, post a job, find recruitment and training assistance, and more at


Kellen Leech is a strategic communications adviser in the department’s Veterans’ Employment and Training Service. Follow VETS on Twitter as @VETS_DOL.


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I'm a war vet been trying to get a job for about 8 months now. On the verge of loosing my house and struggling to pay my bills. Walmart doesn't hire, Buffalo wild wings won't hire, Verizon won't hire, pizza hut won't hire. I can go on and on I filled out tons of applications. Our system is screwed up when it comes to hiring vets.

In reply to by Dominic Perales (not verified)

Please Google the American Job Center nearest to your location. Locate your DD214 and seek them out for employment and training services that you are qualified for. Good luck.

In reply to by Dominic Perales (not verified)

I've been trying to hire vets for years, but there is no connection, as a business owner to vets needing jobs.

How come you only show male veterans. I am female and a veteran. This is Department of Labor and you can't show a female veteran. Very discriminatory and sexist. Shame on you.

There are really no programs out there for hiring a disabled veteran? Most of my job opertunities stop at the interview when they find out I'm disabled. Spirit, bowing, post office. They are afraid they will have to pay a workmanship comp if you get hurt. It's AFU. I'm disabled and want to work.. maybe the VA should be doing job placement for vets.

Mr. Crabtree:

There are opportunities for disabled veterans. Please take your DD214 and VA letter of disability to your local American Job Center where you will be assisted by a highly qualified staff that will discuss your specific goals with you.