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13 Things an American Job Center Can Do For You

Note on table that says training, surrounded by the words growth, skills and potential.


Are you unemployed and searching for work? An employer trying to meet your human capital needs for skilled workers? Maybe you’re just entering the workforce and looking for your first job, or have been working for years but interested in switching fields or gaining a new credential.

In all of these cases, an American Job Center near you can help.

There are more than 2,400 centers, funded by the U.S. Department of Labor’s Employment and Training Administration, throughout the United States. Workers can use them to find new jobs and gain new skills. And employers can connect with resources to recruit, train and retain a skilled workforce.

American Job Centers provide workers with:

  1. Resource rooms with phones, free internet and resume writing tools.
  2. Job search assistance and career counseling.
  3. Practice interviewing and skills testing.
  4. Job training, including work-based learning options.
  5. Current labor market and employer information to understand who is hiring, for what jobs and where.
  6. Employment workshops and hiring events.
  7. Referrals to community resources and supportive services (such as information about transportation, SNAP, financial assistance, Medicaid, training services, child care, emergency funds and other benefits).

American Job Centers can help employers:

  1. Assess hiring needs.
  2. Provide labor market information to inform business decisions.
  3. Find qualified candidates, including veterans.
  4. Build an effective hiring process.
  5. Connect to training options for new and current employees, plus funding resources.
  6. Learn about hiring incentives and tax credits, as well as local resources in economic development, finance, marketing and more.

Find your nearest local office today, or call the employment and training helpline to get started: 1-877-US2-JOBS.

Byron Zuidema is deputy assistant secretary of labor for employment and training.



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Foreign students after graduation have a less chance of being recruited due to less personal networks and less skills to show on the resume. Concerned about their legal status some (if not most) of the foreign students graduates (mainly from Indian sub-continent, not just India) have accepted fake resume and host/recruit support from the 3rd party Indian companies as a backbone to solving their problem. These recruiting (3rd party) companies engage, support and promote fake resume building, interview training and job search mediation between clients (company seeking IT personnel) and recruits - this is morally, ethically, technologically and humanely a wrong pursuit but it has survived (now almost for a decade).

1) Out of 10 resumes you received for a particular contract, 9 are fake.
2) Most Employer present their consultant as H1b, but actually they are on OPT.
3) 90% job seekers had this first line in resume "7+ years experience", Meanwhile they are just having around 3-4 years genuine experience.

The DOL should regulate all these firms that are marketing silver and gold on infomercials as crash proof investments for retirement. They are preying on unsophisticated investors that are likely unprepared for retirement.

EXCELLENT! As an American Job Center employee in Indiana/Region 2 I appreciate this announcement/blog. Will print out to share with co-workers and as a flyer for our customers. Thanks again!!! (WorkOne in Indiana is the AJC name)

Will the name of the PA CareerLinks be changing back Job Centers, as they were in the 80's and 90's?