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An Ounce of Prevention with OSHA Consultation

21D consultation program benefits FY2014 - 364 businesses assisted, 2,484 potential hazards identified, 50,000+ workers protected, $2.5 million+ in fines avoided, 1,400+ employers and workers trained.


Safety is up at Grenzebach Corp. Since 2013, the company’s Georgia-based office has slashed its incident rate by more than two-thirds, and they did it with help from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration and Georgia Tech University’s 21D Consultation Program.

The program is part of OSHA's national on-site consultation program, which offers free and confidential occupational safety and health advice to businesses in all 50 states. The program primarily benefits small and mid-sized businesses – 57 percent of those helped last year had fewer than 26 employees.

Ken Pinkerton, Grenzebach’s quality, safety and environmental manager, credits the 21D program with reducing injuries and costs. While working with the program, their company went more than a year without a recordable incident – a major milestone.

“As a company, we are spending less money on injuries, lost time and lost production,” he said. “The money saved by participating in this program is exponential.”

Last year, Georgia Tech’s consultants performed nearly 50 training seminars, educating more than 24,000 workers, managers and employers. They also performed approximately 280 hazard surveys, identifying more than 4,000 hazards affecting more than 103,000 employees. The identification of these hazards through the program saved employers more than $2.5 million, a total lauded by company managers like Pinkerton.

But cost savings are just one part of the benefits.

As Pinkerton noted: “I feel by using the consultation program we are striving to become a world class safety organization.”

Nationally, 27,385 businesses took advantage of OSHA's consultation program in 2016 to remove workplace hazards and better protect their workers. In 2016, consultants identified and helped employers eliminate more than 140,000 total hazards, protecting an estimated 3.3 million workers from possible injury, illness or death.

Eric R. Lucero is a deputy director in the department’s Office of Public Affairs in Atlanta.


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Is h class offered in Maui hawaii? We are a nonprofit with 24 employees, how long is the class?

You can find more information here:

Ho0w to apply for this program.

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Mainto, you can find a local office in your state here:

This is very helpfull

Although On Site Consultation has its benefits it is important to understand that there are both "limitations" and "requirements" applied to employers who chose to use OSHA On Site Consultation services. Limitations such as: On Site is simply a "resource guide"; they can assist in identifying, explaining what regulations may apply and informing employers on a limited basis for means of abatement. Requirements such as; Employers who seek the service are "mandated" to abate any hazards/infractions (in the mind of the consultant) that the service may identify. Such (time applied) "abatement required" can, not often but can turn into Agency enforcement activity. It is also important to understand that once an employer uses the OSHA On Site Consultation service, that information gathered by the consultant is "Public Record" and that information is also part of the Agencies records. It may be stated by the Agency that such findings are not used for enforcement purposes but I can guarantee you that it may be used for other accident/incident investigations such as civil cases or workers compensation cases. The other important fact an employer must consider is the service is "Free"; not to cast any quality of the service concerns, but it is "Free". Does OSHA On Site Consultation have its place and purpose in the assistance arena; yes, but limited and needs to be fully understood prior to requesting such assistance. Have a safe day.