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Secretary Acosta meets with Labor Department employees in the cafeteria.
On his first day, Secretary Acosta talked with Labor Department employees about their work.


When President Trump nominated me to be U.S. Secretary of Labor, I had to sit down and explain to my two daughters that if confirmed, we would have to move from Miami. They wanted to know why. I tried to explain what being the Secretary of Labor meant in words that a four- and six-year-old could understand. I said, “Daddy helps his students find good jobs, and the president has asked Daddy to help people all over America find good jobs too.” That made sense to them, and it encapsulates many of the responsibilities of the Secretary of Labor.

Friday was my first day at the department. I had lunch in the cafeteria with some of my new colleagues, and many shared their thoughts about the challenges we face and how we can meet them. I look forward to getting to know more Americans across the country, and hearing their thoughts and ideas. For now, I want to introduce myself.

My parents fled a dictatorship in search of freedom. They met in high school, fell in love and married young. Neither was fortunate enough to attend college. Instead, they limited their own professional futures to enter the workforce immediately, so that they could support our family.  

Their sacrifices enabled me, as a first-generation Cuban-American, to graduate from college. Those same sacrifices have now given me the privilege to serve as Secretary of Labor.  My parents’ experiences form the foundation of who I am. They also frame my perspective on the Department of Labor’s critical mission: to foster, promote and develop the welfare of our nation’s workers, job seekers and retirees. 

I promise the American people my fullest effort in fulfilling this mission. We have much work to do. Too many Americans have seen their jobs vanish overseas. Too many Americans have seen their jobs filled by foreign workers. Too many Americans see jobs that are available, but require skills they do not have.

We will meet these challenges and others. Supporting the ability of all Americans to find good and safe jobs is a priority for President Trump and for me. Together, we will provide that support and deliver real results for the American people.

R. Alexander Acosta is the U.S. Secretary of Labor. Follow Secretary Acosta on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram



Secretary Acosta:

As shared on the Department's website, here is the mission of your agency: DOL seeks to foster, promote, and develop the welfare of the wage earners, job seekers, and retirees of the United States; improve working conditions; advance opportunities for profitable employment; and assure work-related benefits and rights. You quote only the first part, but neglected to mention the rest.

Helping people get good jobs covers the "job seekers" and "advance opportunities for profitable employment" part. What about the rest: wage earners who have jobs but need to improve their working conditions, and both wage earners and retirees who need assistance in assuring their work-related benefits and rights?

Enforcement of the legal protections that workers and retirees are supposed to have already is just as much a part of DOL's mission as getting more people jobs. Where does that rank on your own priority list, and on President Trump's?

"Too many Americans have seen their jobs vanish overseas. Too many Americans have seen their jobs filled by foreign workers." and this is because there are visas and laws in place for it to happen, no one is taking anything from anyone.

You sound like a sincere person, and I am relieved to find out that you are a son of immigrants - especially from a non European country. You are working for an administration that has engaged with and supports many people who have hate in their hearts and do not care about all people. Other people who are influential will do whatever is necessary for their own personal agenda. Stay true to yourself. Be honest with yourself even when others are pressuring you. Never forget your experiences as a member of a minority group when you consider equality issues and think of your daughters when you deal with sexism disguised as standard business practices. Good luck. The individuals of America need you.

Austin, TX has over 157 people moving there every day but the timing on their hiring process as businesses is causing a lot of very qualified persons to either accept lower paying positions or take jobs elsewhere. There is a lot of age discrimination also in many of the hiring processes that needs to be addressed. They have 3 fantastic Job Search Groups but i think when there is an influx of new people, the State and Federal government needs to step in....either with incentives to hire or raising unemployment cost as a percentage of truly unemployed people (their benefits ran out a long time ago) and extend their benefits. Just a couple of ideas.

More UNION jobs are needed.Fare days work for fare days pay,THANK YOU

Congratulations on your new role Mr. Secretary! I know you will do well.

Secretary Acosta, I see your vision and I think its superb. My concern is what are you going to do about keeping workers safe once you find them good jobs? Safety at work in this country has been shoved further and further down the line of importance to too many business leaders and politicians. People Need good jobs, living wages AND the security of knowing they are going to come home from work.....

Congratulations on your appointment as the Secretary of Labor. Your credentials make you uniquely qualified for the position and I wish you success in your new position and I know you will do well just like you have in previous endeavors with the Federal government. I also share your roots. I too had to flee the dictatorship in my homeland and came over from Cuba at age 16 in March of 1961. After a career in the private sector and in the military (active and reserves) I joined the Wage & Hour Division of the US Department of Labor in Miami, FL. I hope someday in the future you can make the time from your busy schedule and drop by to see us in our office in Sunset Drive and 103rd Avenue.
Very Respectfully,

Jose Morin
Administrative Specialist
US DOL, Wage & Hour Division
South Florida District Office.

Protect the Silica Rule and Protect American workers,don't delay anymore. #overdue "Good and Safe Jobs"

There is established in New Jersey an Agency That does find work for those seeking work .Perhaps the agencies of the government can follow those ho have applied but weren't as qualified and direct them to the proper educational training programs?

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