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Are You Eligible for COVID-19 Paid Leave?

How much paid leave are you eligible for?

Many Americans affected by the coronavirus outbreak will benefit from new workplace protections and relief offered by the Families First Coronavirus Response Act.

If you work for a private employer with fewer than 500 employees and are in one of the situations described below, you may be eligible for paid sick leave and/or paid family leave:


Paid sick leave up to two weeks or 80 hours at the employee’s regular rate or the minimum wage (whichever is higher),* if one of these scenarios applies:

  • You’re under a government quarantine or stay-at-home order.
  • You’ve been advised by a health care provider to self-quarantine.
  • You’re seeking a diagnosis for COVID-19 symptoms.


Paid sick leave up to two weeks or 80 hours at 2/3 of the employee’s regular rate or the minimum wage (whichever is higher),* if either scenario applies:

  • You’re caring for somebody under quarantine or a stay-at-home order.
  • You’re caring for your child whose school, child care provider, or place of care is unavailable due to COVID-19.


Paid family leave up to 10 additional weeks at 2/3 of the employee’s regular rate,** if both criteria apply:

  • You’re caring for your child whose school, child care provider, or place of care is unavailable due to COVID-19; and
  • You’ve been employed at least 30 calendar days.

*Paid leave is capped at specific maximum amounts per worker.

**Paid family leave does not apply to all public sector employees.


An eligible employee working for a covered employer can access paid leave under the Families First Coronavirus Response Act by checking with their employer, requesting the leave, and letting their employer know which of the qualifying conditions applies.

Some public sector employees are also eligible. A new poster highlights these paid leave benefits and the qualifying scenarios.

The Wage and Hour Division has already completed more than 400 cases for workers denied leave, and has conducted hundreds of outreach events to educate workers and employers about the benefits and protections of this new law. To file a complaint, workers can call 1-866-4US-WAGE.

Find more information about how much leave covered employees can take, resources for workers and employers, and answers to commonly asked questions at


Cheryl Stanton is the Administrator of the U.S. Department of Labor’s Wage and Hour Division.


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Are minors considered eligible employees? For example, a part-time 17 year old working in a seasonal business?

I just changed jobs in February ( quit amicably). Now I'm laid off due to covid-19 (office is closed). Previous employer is denying benefits, will I have special consideration due to these circumstances?

We were exposed to a sick family member. The night before he went for testing, I called my boss and told him about my brother being tested. I was told to stay home. And don’t come to work for 13 days. My brother tested positive for Covid19 and was later hospitalized for several days.......and continues to be very sick 21 days later. We are being told there is no back pay for days missed at work.....but the covid19 employee rights is hanging right by the time clock..... After reading the it, I believe we are eligible. (My son and I work at the same business and we’re exposed at the same time) Is this correct?

In reply to by Wilma Luna (not verified)

No, it doesn't apply to you or your son; only your brother qualifies for this Covid Benefit Pay:
a.) You and your son don't qualify because you weren't under a government quarantine or government stay-at-home order. (Someone in the government has to declare there's a stay-at-home order or government quarantine that is effective this date and ends this date for example this applies to all non essential workers). That didn't happen for you or your brother.
b.) You weren't advised by a health care provider to self-quarantine.
c.) You weren't seeking a diagnosis for COVID-19 symptoms.
So no this Covid pay doesn't apply to you or your son. It does apply to your brother who has covid-19.

would like to collect my benefits, was laid-off or furlough from work. From 4/21/2020

Hello. I've checked through the FAQ's but cannot find the answer to the below scenario.
If an employer has laid an employee off due to business closure but now has asked the employee to return to work but the employee states they cannot due to closed day care.
Does this now require the employer to start paying the laid off employee under the FFCRA?

Are all 10 weeks eligible for the payroll tax credit? Or only the 80 hours?

Please address the exceptions to this rule. My understanding is that employers with 50 or fewer employees are exempt, as are Healthcare workers who are vital to the operations of their employer. I appreciate any additional insight.



Employees go to work sick even their Dr telling them to stay home because their Employers don't pay anything just a couple dollars not even to buy milk and eggs.

If an employee has been advised by his health care provider to self quarantine, and they have used up their 80 hour sick time, are they eligible for the paid family leave of 10 weeks and 2/3 pay?


If my company has never offered sick pay does my employer still have to pay sick leave? Can I use my PTO time as paid time off? When this time runs our will my employer have to pay me to work from home or will my time off be unpaid?

I was the Dining Room Manager, Covid19 closed my Dining Room, my employer changed my job description and then fired me for not learning my new job without supplying any training.
Also my Assistant had to quarantine which forced me into working 20 days straight while my superiors took PTO.
When I asked for help, I got fired.
Am I eligible?

I was the Dining Room Manager, Covid19 closed my Dining Room, my employer changed my job description and then fired me for not learning my new job without supplying any training.
Also my Assistant had to quarantine which forced me into working 20 days straight while my superiors took PTO.
When I asked for help, I got fired.
Am I eligible?

Good Afternoon,
Can you please tell me if this is a a required poster.
Thank you,

I am a 76 year old female retiree but work part time, do I qualify for unemployment under the CARES ACT?

In reply to by Arrdaise Manning (not verified)

Yes you do...if you were part time and you were laid off you do...

I am covid -19 ve and lost two weeks of work -am I eligible for pay or paid leave ?

I have become the primary care giver for my 92 year old grandmother after the death of my aunt. Am I eligible for unemployment benefits under the family cares act, if I request a family leave of absence? ...and how long would I be covered?

I am currently working at Smithfield Foods in Tarheel, NC. I have called their COVID19-PAID LEAVE POLICY # (910)862-5241 , and have not received a return call. It's for the worker's aged 60 and over and those with diagnosed health problems, I left a message telling them that I have HBP (high blood pressure), tachycardia, and allergies. I don't think it's right for others to be allowed paid time off, and removed from harm and I still have to be there. This was several weeks ago and I still have not heard anything, and I have called their # MULTIPLE times. When I tried to tell them this at work I was told to call them again (the number) and someone would call me back in 24 hours. My life and health may not matter to them, BUT it matters to ME. Others have been off for a month now and have been told that they have another 2 weeks.

I do not qualify for State of Oregon unemployment because I had not work long enough on my job. My income is Social Security and three small pensions and does not cover my daughter and my needs. My daughter does not have a job because of a medical condition. How can I qualify for the federal unemployment?

If you don't meet the requirements for traditional unemployment (yours is because you had not been working long enough to qualify for standard UI) then you can apply for would've still had to apply for regular UI, get denied due to not eligible...and then apply for PUA...where it asks is this related to COVID...yes it is...anyone who lost a job due to COVID, cannot find a job due to COVID or start a new job due to COVID (no proof of job offer needed) can get PUA benefits and backdate to when your state closed...most of them where in March 2020.....

How do I apply for my back pay for PUA

i am currently out on unemployment and am a high risk for contraction of the covid 19 virus due to lung cancer and emphysema as well as a lung resection on march 6. my employer is now telling me i must return to work or i am no longer eligible for unemployment. i do home health and am around sickness all the time. i was unable to complete my rehab for pulmonary function due to covid and have difficulty breathing all the time with exertion and with other outside factors. can they force me back to work and am i a candidate for unemployment or the pau

I ve exhausted all of my benefits will i still collect 600 a week

Can I receive the $600 PUE pay if I am receiving the 2/3 Family Paid Leave of compensate the amount of pay I am not receiving because I need to be home with my child?

I only work part time. 2 days a week, about 16 hours Am I eligible.?

Caught at work they gave me the 2 weeks but need more time now told to get short term disability which is 60 percent of. Pay how is this fair

How do I get paid for leave due to Covid-19

I work as a maintenance tech at a apartment complex and a resident has come up positive for covid 19 and being me and my co workers have been in contact with her in the past 2 weeks we went and got we ate told to either self quarantine without pay or come back to work wearing gloves and masks at all times until results come back. This is impossible to do working outside and preparing work. What can I do or options do I have?

I work for the City of Tacoma , WA and I took Emergency leave for covid like symptoms in April but now have been exposed to a co-worker that tested positive for covid-19 and have been placed in self quarantine at the order of my employer and they're telling me I have to use my own PTO I am sick leave to cover it since I already use the emergency is this legal

I've been in quarantine with children because one tested positive I was also tested but still waiting on results

how do I know if my company is considered a "covered company"?

I haven’t been working for 3 weeks and I haven’t gotten a paycheck in 2 weeks .

I was out for three weeks because my family and had corona virous
I want to know how do I get paid for loss wages.

Going back to work tomorrow (saturday). Work through a temporary staffing agency. Was out of work due to waiting on test results from wednesday, July 1st. Does this apply and can I claim it after the fact?

I've been off work for a week now due to covid quarantine and my employer didnt tell me anything about the paid leave is there anything I can do about it? Or how do I know if they have to have paid leave?

I have been exposed to someone that tested positive for corona virus and I am sick I am a CSI for the USDA do I use regular sick leave?

Do you have to pay an employee if they are out and also if they are out again with a spouse/child? Or is it 80 hours total

My daughter's employer sent her home because she was "coughing" and wanted her to be tested for Covid (three other employees already tested positive). However, they are refusing to pay her while she is out, and she has no income while quarantined. What can does she do?

What if the company has 4500 employees? Can they deny paid mandatory quarantine? How does the employee survive with no income? Is there a different program? Can you receive unemployment for the time period of the mandatory quarantine?

I went to get tested on Monday and I was told to be self quarantined. Which means I couldn’t go to work. Today when I called my employer which is Butterball they told me I wouldn’t get paid for the days I miss. I was just wondering if this is correct? Thank you

what if you test comes back positive more then once is your job only suppose to pay 80 hrs

In the event of being exposed to the Corona virus more than one time and having mandatory quarantine by the health department, are you eligible for paid sick leave both times?

If i qualified to FFCRA Do i qualify for additional $600 FPUA?

We have survived with the extra cares benefit don’t know how e will after it is done. I am 75 years old and my husband is 76, we were self employed for 27 years and no paychecks from that or social security, I have since worked two jobs one being a substitute special education aid since retirement I loved my job at the school and my main concern is mu husband who has copd. We lmake under 40,000 a year with both of our social security and with my extra from school. My concern is going back to work if they hire subs is his health. I very much appreciated all the government
has done for us, if extended it will be greatly appreciated

Am in high risk category. Am a flight attendant. Do I qualify for benefits if I choose to stay out due to exposure risks?

Hi, I work for Tower/AGG Automotive per the company I had to go into quarantine because I came in contact with a coworker that tested positive for Covid-19. I was given to options use my personal vacation days or unemployment. The unemployment was suspended, I was made to use my personal vacation days. However, I was suppose to paid by the company and that didn’t happen.

I am a health care provider in long term care. per state regulations the whole facility was tested. WE of course have positive staff and residents.the staff members that tested positive ,do they have to use there vacation time first before receiving any benefits from the care acts?Also since there are active cases should staff be receiving hazard pay?If so who decided whom gets it and how much. ?Is there a way to find out if my facility has applied for funds ?If the facility applied for funds do they have to pass to the employees.