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Transitioning from Service: Employment and Retirement Planning

A veteran sits at his desk.
Transitioning to civilian employment? We've got resources to help veterans today, and in the future.


Here at the Department of Labor we’re empowering transitioning service members to make informed decisions as they move into successful civilian careers. Developing sound financial habits is a key part of a secure financial future.

Some of the questions transitioning service members often ask include:

  • How can I find a new job that compliments my skills and interests?
  • Where can I find free local resources?
  • How can I prepare for applying and interviewing?
  • What benefits are available at my new job, and how do they differ from my military benefits?
  • Am I on target to meet my retirement and other savings goals?
  • How can I balance competing goals for my savings – like college savings, a new car or retirement?

These are all important questions, and the department can help you find answers.

Here are some ideas to get started:

  1. Take advantage of resources from the department’s Veterans’ Employment and Training Service to prepare you for a civilian career, including employment and transition assistance. Visit or download our free Employment Assistance Workshop eBook. From planning your transition to civilian employment, to researching local labor markets, these resources will help you plot your path.
  2. Check out publications, worksheets and online tools from the department’s Employee Benefits Security Administration to learn about saving for retirement, making the most of your private sector employer’s benefits and financial planning.  
  3. Find out from the Department of Veterans Affairs how your military service can help you make the most of retirement benefits if you take a civilian position with the federal government.

You can also watch our webcast: Employment, Benefits and Financial Planning for Transitioning Service Members – Important Information for Your Financial Security Now and in the Future. Representatives from VETS, EBSA, the VA and the Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards provide information to help you find employment, employee benefits and financial planning resources.

Make your transition to civilian employment easier and expand your financial knowledge so you can achieve short-term financial goals and long-term financial health.


Mark Connor is the director of the Office of Outreach, Education and Assistance of the department’s Employee Benefits Security Administration. Tim Green is the director of the Office of Strategic Outreach of the department’s Veterans Employment and Training Service.


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