I am DOL: Riquita Quarterman on Having a Fulfilling Career

Editor’s note: In our “I Am DOL” series, we’re highlighting employees who work in a wide range of roles at the Department of Labor but who all share a passion for public service. Stay tuned for more stories, and explore current job openings at the department today.

Riquita Quarterman, supervisor of the Quality Assurance Unit in the Employee Benefits Security Administration, helps make sure that Americans receive their hard-earned retirement and health benefits. 


Growing up, Riquita Quarterman would sometimes visit her mom’s office in the U.S. Department of Labor’s Employee Benefits Security Administration, where Riquita now works as the supervisor of the Quality Assurance Unit.

"I basically grew up in EBSA,” Riquita said. And she’s seen firsthand how, over the years, the agency has demonstrated a commitment to diversity and inclusion by hiring workers from many different backgrounds. “That's definitely something that I tell people that I interview, that you would be comfortable here, and that there are opportunities to grow.”

She took advantage of government benefits to study and get her CPA license, which advanced her skills and also spurred her to think strategically – and creatively – about how better to help people who have concerns about their retirement and other benefit plans.

“We're talking to people every day, but how do we know if what we're saying is the most effective? And my boss said, ‘Well, outline for me what you're thinking.’ And I was able to create what we call the Quality Assurance Project. And that's what my office actually does — It's speaking to people and trying to help people on a daily basis.”

The satisfaction she receives from helping others is just one reason she loves working in EBSA.

“It's a great place to work because even before the pandemic we were very flexible in terms of understanding what your needs are,” she shared. “This has been probably the best experience that I've had and the best job that I have. Literally from Day One with Department of Labor, [we’re] truly trying to get money back in order to help feed people. And wow, that's exciting.”