Preventing Suicide: 5 Workplace Resources

September is National Suicide Prevention Month

There’s no question that the pandemic is taking a toll on our mental health, and that we can do a better job taking care of ourselves and each other. Employers also can play a significant role in supporting and accommodating workers’ mental health needs. During Suicide Prevention Month – and all year round – we’re getting the word out about workplace resources that could save a life.

1. EARN’s Mental Health Toolkit 

This award-winning toolkit from EARN, the Employer Assistance and Resource Network on Disability Inclusion, outlines steps to help meet workers’ mental health needs. It’s built on the “4 As” – awareness, accommodations, assistance and access.  

2. Resources on accommodations for mental health conditions

Workers and employers can learn more about accommodations for mental health conditions from the Job Accommodation Network. Browse by limitation or by work-related function to see accommodations options. Still have questions? Contact JAN at 800-526-7234, 877-781-9403 (TTY) or via live chat.

3. Tips for understanding your health plan’s mental health benefits 

Did you know your workplace health plan may cover treatment and services for mental health and substance use disorders? See these five tips to help you make the most of those benefits and other resources available through your workplace health plan. 

4. Job-protected leave for mental health services 

Do you or a family member need time off work to get treatment for a mental health condition? Eligible workers who are covered by the Family and Medical Leave Act may be able to take protected leave for a serious health condition, or to care for a spouse, child or parent with a serious health condition. Check out our plain-language guide to learn more.  

5. Construction industry help

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s has curated resources specific to the construction industry, which has a high rate of suicide compared with other industries. 

Note: If you’re having trouble coping with work-related stress, there is confidential 24/7 support. Call 1-800-273-8255, para español 1-888-628-9454. Or chat online at