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How a Job Corps Center Equipped Me With the Tools for Lifetime Success

I got my start on the road toward success at Job Corps.

After attending several schools in my hometown, my grandmother recognized my potential and believed that Job Corps would be a life-changing experience. She was right.

Upon learning about Job Corps and its many career and skill-building resources, I thanked my grandmother, and signed up. After I got accepted and approved to be a residential student at a Florida center, I found that was the ideal training program that would help make an impact in my life. It took me just about 15 months to complete an in-demand program in business and two tries at earning my high school diploma.

I can’t leave out the lifelong friendships, incredible networking opportunities, field trips, workshops and one of my most memorable achievements – graduation day. Those were all critical to my amazing Job Corps experience and offered lots of fun, too. Since graduating Job Corps, I've earned two college degrees, a considerable number of awards, a variety of certificates, lead a local branch of the NAACP and have had over 15 years of career success within education.

Thank you, Job Corps, and all the best for another 57 years of service.

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