Keeping Workers Safe This Holiday Season

A male worker wearing a mask drives a forklift in a large warehouse

As we head into another holiday shopping season, OSHA has resources to help employers keep workers safe. 

Preventing the spread of the coronavirus

All employers should take steps to control and prevent coronavirus spread, including those bringing on additional workers for the holidays. Learn more about mitigating and preventing the spread of COVID-19 in the workplace.  

Warehousing, distribution and delivery hazards

To help protect the many workers involved in online order fulfillment and delivery, we have guidance for keeping them safe every step of the way, including:

Crowd Management 

If large crowds are expected for holiday shopping events, employers should plan ahead and take steps to ensure workers remain safe. We have crowd management guidance to help employers know how to prevent worker injuries during crowded shopping events. 

Temporary/seasonal workers 

If you’re hiring new or temporary workers for the holidays, it’s important to train them for the risks they may encounter on the job – including how to reduce exposure to the coronavirus. And make sure you know the rules that apply to teen workers if you employ anyone under 18.  It is imperative that every worker is trained in a language they can understand and encouraged to raise any health or safety concerns to their supervisor without fear of retaliation.  

Learn more about keeping workers safe this holiday season at

Jim Frederick is the deputy assistant secretary of labor for occupational safety and health. Follow OSHA on Twitter at @OSHA_DOL