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The Department of Labor’s grants connect, protect, train, support and empower workers and job seekers at home and abroad. Watch as experts and leaders from our agencies share what you need to know about our grants, and find links to apply below.

Employment and training grants

Our Employment and Training Administration awards grants to support and expand opportunities for America’s workforce, such as funding for growing Registered Apprenticeship, jobs for dislocated workers impacted by disasters, career training for young adults and more.  

Click here to learn more about grants offered by our Employment and Training Administration. 

Grants for women workers 

Our Women’s Bureau awards Fostering Access, Rights, and Equity (FARE) grants to help inform women workers who earn low wages about their employment rights and benefits; Women in Apprenticeship and Nontraditional Occupations (WANTO) grants to expand careers pathways for women in apprenticeable occupations and all industries in which they have traditionally been underrepresented; and Re-Employment, Support, and Training for the Opioid-Related Epidemic (RESTORE) grants to help women affected by the opioid crisis re-enter the workforce. 

Click here to learn more about grants offered by our Women's Bureau. 

Grants to help keep workers safe on the job 

Through the Susan Harwood Training Grant Program, OSHA awards funds to nonprofit organizations to train and educate employers and workers on recognizing, avoiding, and preventing safety and health hazards in their workplaces, and to inform workers of their rights and employers of their responsibilities under the Occupational Safety and Health Act. Target trainees include workers and employers in small businesses and high-hazard industries, including those most likely to be subjected to safety and health violations, as well as underserved workers who may be hard-to-reach, have limited English proficiency, or are temporary workers. 

Join a virtual March 1 information session on Susan Harwood grants, or click here for general information about these grants. 

Funding for miner safety, education and job training

MSHA’s State Grants Program distributes federal grants to 49 states and the Navajo Nation to support health and safety training courses and programs designed to reduce mining accidents, injuries, and illnesses. The Brookwood-Sago Mine Safety Grant Program provides funding for education and training programs to better identify, avoid, and prevent unsafe working conditions in and around mines. 

Click here to learn more about grants offered by our Mine Safety and Health Administration

Grants to support transitioning service members and their families 

The Homeless Veterans Reintegration Program grant provides services to assist in reintegrating homeless veterans into meaningful employment within the labor force, and stimulates the development of effective service delivery systems that will address the complex problems facing homeless veterans. 

Click here to learn more about grants from the Veterans’ Employment and Training Service. 

Grants to support workers with disabilities 

The RETAIN—Retaining Employment and Talent after Injury/Illness Network—Initiative promotes closer coordination among individuals and organizations who influence workers' decisions about how or whether to stay at or return to work after a work disability. RETAIN programs implement early intervention strategies to improve outcomes for individuals who experience a work disability while employed. 

Click here to learn more about grants from our Office of Disability Employment Policy and apply. 

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