How we’re implementing the National Plan to End Gender-Based Violence

Amy Dalrymple, Kate Miceli, Katrin Schulz
It’s been one year since the White House published the National Plan to End Gender-Based Violence. Here are four key actions the Women’s Bureau has taken to implement it.

I Am DOL: Derek Smith Ensures Civil Rights and Fair Workplaces

Office of Human Resources
Considering federal employment? Learn more about what it’s like to work in our Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs from Investigator Derek Smith.

Business Ownership, Self-Employment and Entrepreneurship Among People with Disabilities

David Rosenblum, Christopher McLaren
For many disabled workers, entrepreneurship allows greater access, freedom and flexibility at work. By owning their own business, people with disabilities may not only reduce or eliminate barriers in the workplace, but also maintain independence and economic stability within their communities.

Mind and Body: Supporting Women's Health

Lisa M. Gomez
Women often put the needs of our families and jobs before their own, sometimes at the cost of their health. National Women’s Health Week highlights the importance of women prioritizing their own health needs.

Youth Employment: A Foundation for Mental Health and Well-Being

Julie Su
Employment is an important foundation for mental health and well-being. This Mental Health Awareness Month, the U.S. Department of Labor is focused on how employment and pathways to good jobs can support the mental health of young people.